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Take a Bow

January may just be my most uninspired month clothing-wise. Christmas is behind us and I’ve tucked away my tartans and plaids for the season. It’s cold and I’m sick of wearing the same pants every day. And it’s even worse when you have to get a little more dressed up.

I really do get into the habit of wearing the same turtlenecks and same pants every day. But recently I put together this look that re-inspired me. (It might just have to become my go-to winter dressy look to be honest.)

Carly Heitlinger

Even though I’m definitely contributing to the sea of black in NYC when I wear this, I like the tiny pop of the white collar coming out of the coat. And if it was extra cold, I’d throw on a white beanie for a pop of “color” too.

Sezane Valentine Top

Obviously, I don’t recommend going outside without a coat if it’s super cold out, but I took one for the team so you could see the amazing details of this blouse. I love that it’s fancy without actually being that fussy. I’ve been reaching for it quite a bit in my closet lately! I mostly have been wearing it with black jeans or dress pants, but I thought it looked extra cute tucked into this skirt for this look.

This skirt was a big splurge for me a few years ago and I was really on the fence about whether or not to buy it because it was pretty expensive for a simple skirt. I’m so glad I got it though. I’ve been wearing it year round ever since and I consider it a staple for my closet! The exact skirt isn’t available anymore, but this one has a similar vibe.

Sezane Tops

Coat (sold out, this one is similar) // Sezane Top (c/o) // Similar Skirt // Tights // Boots (c/o) // Similar Handbag  

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

That top is super cute! I remember you sharing about it before 🙂 Sezane makes such effortlessly chic clothing. // Yesterday was freezing cold, which gave me the perfect excuse to pull out my ankle-length parka. I’ve been waiting until it was appropriate enough to wear it 😛 It was so warm!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


Such a cute look! I’ve been looking for a solid pair of black booties-are these comfortable enough for walking around in for long periods of time?

Sydney Paulsen

Such a cute look, Carly!! January always gets me down clothing-wise. I’m happy you found an outfit that inspires you! I’m just so ready for sundresses and sandals…


I’m a fan of the whole capsule wardrobe thing but always find myself uninspired once it gets cold even though I love sweaters? I think I’m lacking in the warm sweater department and am missing a few winter appropriate bottoms. Your outfit is adorable!


Adorable outfit! Blog post idea — discussing clothing you’ve bought that you did regret. I understand if that’s too negative but I think it would be interesting to hear what items were’t worth the cost.


I love the blouse and totally feel your pain about uninspiring wardrobe choices in January – I feel the same and with the temperatures dropping, I just want to stay warm.
Cute outfit.

xx A.


I just love this whole outfit!! Ruffles and bows are two of my favorite details in a garment and you’ve combined the two in such a refined way!
Did you find that these boots ran small ?

Essays Chief

Great outfits. I love the white and black combo and it really suits her. And I found a lot of interesting outfits from this blog and I will start following the blog to improve my trend.