The Best Sunday Football Eats

So… I don’t really like watching football, but I’m here for the commercials and the food during the Super Bowl. There’s something so fun about sharing tons of wings and endless nachos with friends. Louisa is here today with DELICIOUS recipes to consider for football Sundays.

The Best Sunday Football Eats

Guest post by Louisa from Living Lou 

I’ve watched more football this season than I ever have before and I’ve really started to get on board with all of snacks and food. Last week we made three kinds of chicken wings because we couldn’t decide which flavor we wanted!

With the Super Bowl on the horizon, I thought I’d share my favorite game day foods. And while these are perfect to make for a Super Bowl party, they also work for basically any Sunday football or Thursday night football games. Bookmark this to use next season!

Chicken Wings

I make my chicken wings in the oven and use a trick I learned to help make them extra crispy (hint: it’s baking powder). The three flavors on my chicken wing platter? Korean-inspired gochujang, classic Buffalo wings and homemade (healthier) teriyaki.


I love chili! It’s seriously one of my favorite things to make on a Sunday. For the classic chili lovers, my beef and beer chili will please everyone, for something a little lighter, white bean turkey chili and for my vegetarian friends, my go-to veggie chili is a winner.

Also worth trying, my chili in the slow cooker with quinoa!


Honestly, you don’t really need a recipe for nachos, but if you do want something a little different, my Buffalo nachos with avocado will rock your world.


Duh. Sometimes putting out a simple platter with dips and chips is all you need. Take homemade guac up a notch with my avocado feta dip, get some veggies in with a warm cheesy broccoli dip and of course, homemade tzatziki for all my fellow Greeks!

Other gameday faves:

And don’t forget, you can also round it out with garlic bread, air-fried chickpeas for healthy snacking, and of course, a classic slow cooker pulled pork recipe.

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Jasmin Avalos

I really enjoy these food posts by Louisa. I still haven’t made any of her recipes but maybe this will be the year. I’m looking forward to another year of Living Lou with Carly.