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Think Pink Valentine’s Day Gifts

Do you guys do Valentine’s Day gifts? Honestly, I’m not so into it. My mom used to get a couple of cute things for my sister and me and now it’s pretty much limited to Reese’s hearts (which are def the key to my heart anyway).

I’m really just rounding these up for an excuse to share some super cute pink things. 😉I am in a not insignificant phase with pink right now.

Valentine's Day Gifts

Ribbon Earrings // Heart Trinket Tray // Heart Stone Belt

Heart Lipstick // Sugar Lips Candy // Hot Pink Sweatshirt

Pink Dragon Candle // Heart Initial Bracelet // Silk Pillow + Mask

Jewelry Case // Straw Bag // Heart Cocotte // Heart Crossbody

Striped Pajamas // Fleece Pullover // Cosmetic Case Set

Cashmere Wrap // Lace Bralette

Pink Clutch // Velvet Bow Socks

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I usually do not do Valentine’s gifts, but I like to give Galentine’s gifts for my girl friends!! We used to host a pretty big Galentine party too!! I think it is a fun way to appreciate the awesome women in your life!!
My mom also still gets me little treats for the holiday, and totally agree about reese’s!

xoxo Libby


I have that hot pink garment dyed sweatshirt and it is my absolute favorite item of clothing right now. I don’t know if it is just nostalgia because they remind me of my sweatshirts in college before they were blends but I love it. It is 100% cotton and so soft. I just HATE that is is excluded all the time from promotions or I would own it in every color.