Pantone Color of the Year: Emerald

So apparently I totally missed the memo on the Pantone color of the year! I had to hear it from a boy. And even then, I didn’t believe him or really connect the dots on what he was saying. And then it kept showing up on my radar over the next 24 hours. Then one of the girls I worked with wore a beautiful blouse and she remarked that it was the “color of the year.” I knew I couldn’t ignore it any longer!

“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been loving darker greens for such a long time. I thought it was totally worth a revisit. Namely because even though I posted that forever ago, I’m definitely not sick of the color. In fact, I’ve been buying more and more in the color without really noticing the pattern. Until now. The fact that it’s the color of the year just makes all those green purchases that much more justified. (The dress I wore to my friends wedding totally fits the bill!)

Hunter Boots | Well, this is a given. While bright colored rainboots are cute, they’re absolutely not me. I tend to steer towards more “earthy” tones for shoes (tans, brown, black, navy). The green is a great way to incorporate color, without being crazy bright.
Green Studs | Love these Kate Spade earrings! Every time I find myself in a Nordstrom, I always get distracted by these at the counter, they come in tons of colors but the green is definitely perfect for the whole “color of the year” thing. I don’t know if I can resist if I see them again… 
My New Coat | I went shopping in Zara with my mom and sister while they were in the city and found a beautiful coat! The green color is super perfect because I can wear black or brown boots. (That is something that drives me crazy about my black and navy coats/jackets… I’m limited by my shoe choices!) The coat is unfortunately not online, but it hits about mid-thigh and has a wonderful hood (that comes in handy when it snows!).
Eye Pencil | This Bobbi Brown eyeliner in Hunter is the best I’ve ever used. I am not the biggest fan of black eyeliner because I think it looks a little bit too harsh, especially on my pale skin! Dark brown and charcoal were getting pretty boring. The green seriously makes my eye color pop. I would consider my eyes to be green, but depending on what I’m wearing they can look grey, brown, or even orange-y. The green eyeliner swings them back into the “green” shade and I love it!!!
Large Longchamp | If you’re debating on what color Longchamp to get, I would like to nominate the green as a very viable option! Especially if you’re only going to get one color, it’s important to get one that goes with just about everything. Plus, I find that some of the colors show dirt way to easily, but this way you can get the protection a darker bag provides and still have a pop of color.
Wicked | So the whole time I was planning this post in my head, I couldn’t stop singing: “…One short day in the emerald city!” Any other Wicked fans out there?! Such a fun musical!!!
Do you like emerald as the color of the year? What other color would you nominate?


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I absolutely love emerald! I have multiple dresses in that color and of course the theatre major in me LOVES wicked! A great show with two strong female leads…what is not to love? Emerald also makes for a great nail color, but I had a terrible experience with an emerald I picked up at a rite aid going out of business. I think I might just have to get the gumdrop earrings too. I do have a giftcard to bloomingdales 🙂



I've been singing "one short day" since I heard about the color of the year, too! Love any shade of green; so glad emerald is making a big appearance this year!

Lauren Travers

Love that color too! It is flattering on pretty much anyone! I have to ask — can you still buy that jacket somewhere??? I have been looking for a new one all season

Claire Peucker

I love this colour, especially since I have green eyes! Now that you mention that it's colour of the year it makes sense because I remember seeing so many things in this colour in both New York and London!


Very happy about the color of the year, as my favorite color is any and all shades of green. Love the idea of replacing navy and black, like you said, with a pretty deep emerald. My favorites from this post are definitely the Hunter boots and the Longchamp bag.


I love this Color and wear this color because it looks good on me. But because it's been officially declared the color of the year makes me want to retire it for a while until it's not so trendy anymore. Or I could not give it power over my life. Who gave pantone the authority to declare the color of the year anyway? It's ridiculous.


I saw the announcement the other day and immediately decided I would wear emerald the very next day – it took me all of two minutes to realize I don't really have much emerald (unless forest green counts? I guess they're similar.) This post is so helpful and I adore your blog – seriously, I check it every day and you always have something new and I just love it!
ps. Wicked is my favorite musical of all time. Emerald is right!!


i've totally been inadvertently stock piling green these past few weeks! it's such an easy color to incorporate and yet still makes you stand out! i think it's a great choice for color of the year for Pantone. 🙂