Three Things to Watch

I obviously love giving book recommendations, but I thought I’d share some of the things that I’ve watched recently. When I’m feeling lonely in my apartment, or I’m doing something boring (like folding laundry) I always have something playing in the background.
I saw a bunch of my friends (hey Alix!) discussing this Ted Talk on Twitter earlier this week. I love Ted Talks. I used to try to watch one a day and then it moved to one a week, and now I just watch them as they come recommended. This is a longer Ted Talk, but totally worth it. It’s super interesting and something that I definitely could relate to. (I mean, I often feel like I’m “faking it” and that I feel like a fraud just waiting for sometime to find me out!) The speech is funny, but it’s also a little emotional. I definitely teared up towards the end.
(TWO) The Hedgehog

This is based on the book The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I loved the film. It’s in French, so you have to be able to watch the screen the whole time. (By the way, I’m obsessed with foreign films, so if you have any suggestions, they’re greatly appreciated!) I was ready to pack my bags, wear striped shirts, and live in a cute little Parisian flat. I thought the movie was beautifully done and the characters were casted perfectly.

I get asked all the time about how to build a personal brand, Shama packed tons of tips into the thirty minute video. I was blown away at how comprehensive she was! This is a great video for anyone interested in social media, bloggers, and marketing majors. But frankly, I think everyone can take something away from the Office Hours because she gives tips on how to improve your digital footprint!  
What have you been watching lately? Any must-see Ted Talks, Youtube videos, or movies?


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Grey Cashmere

Of course the number one must see is "the fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain" with Audrey Tautou. But another really really great movie is "Hors de prix" (priceless), with Audrey again 🙂


I loved The Hedgehog! I am going to check out the TED talk today, some of them are so fascinating. I just recently saw Les Miserables and absolutely loved it, I thought the film was really well done!


I have to admit that I'm not huge on foreign films, but Cinema Paradiso is one of my favorite movies! Very Italian, if you can't tell by the title, and so, so impossibly, wondrously romantic. I adore it, and I think it's available on Netflix streaming!


Oh my gosh, yes! I was going to recommend this as well. Carly, it is a must-see! What a beautiful movie!

Also, Life is Beautiful (La Vita e Bella…I think?) Is a movie about the Holocaust and a father/son who wind up in the same concentration camp. What an amazing, amazing movie.


Ok foreign film recommendations. If you see nothing else, you still have to watch Die Welle (The Wave). It's extraordinary.

I'd love to know if you actually watch any of these! Let me know or do a review post 🙂

As it is in heaven / Saa som i himmelen (Swedish)
The Bothersome Man / Den brysomme mannen (Norwegian)
Elling (Norwegian)
Le Dîner de cons / The Dinner of Fools (French)
Etre et Avoir (French)
In the house / dans la maison (French)
L'Auberge espagnole (French, Spanish, just generally European)

And now some German ones:
Grave Decisions (my favourite film – wise, hilarious, heartwarming)
Good bye Lenin
Sophie Scholl
The Edukators
Der Untergang
Das leben der anderen
Keinorhasen (silly, sweet, watchable romcom)

And if you want to lose all respect for cinema but have a good laugh: Jesus liebt mich

xxx Fiona

Lauren Kingston

Sarah Kay's TED Talk is my favorite too! I'll definitely be making time later to watch the body language talk, thanks for the recommendations Carly!


WOW, thanks for all these suggestions.. I LOVE getting movie/video and book recommendations. It just seems like such a wonderful personal look at another person AND it opens you up to topics you might not have otherwise looked into.




Thanks for the Ted talks recommendations. Both were brilliant! I now have The Hedgehog on my list to watch as well. If you love French films and love classic movies, you should see Les Enfant du paradis (Children of Paradise). Beautiful movie, filmed during occupied WWII Paris.


The Red Balloon, La Cage aux Folles, 2 days in New York, La Vie en Rose. Even though this is more an american movie but has some french actors in "The Artist".

I'm so happy for archives for the Office Hours!


If you like foreign films you should definitely watch Downfall which basically tells of the last days of Hitler and the Third Reich through the eyes of Hitler's secretary. It's really interesting!


I almost forgot, the classic French cult comedy: Les Visiteurs. I first saw it in French class in college, but I think you can find it on Netflix as well now.

Crystal Konz

Totally watched The Hedgehog per your recommendation, LOVE! It was The ending was very unexpected, and throughout I found myself really getting into the emotions of the movie. Great recommendation, thanks so much! Also watched Life in a day, after 20 minutes I got way bored, but stuck it out and found myself really connecting with the short clips and the emotions in each of them. Favorite part was the old british couple's wedding vow renewal, sooo adorable and funny! Thanks again!!


I'm commenting a bit late but 1 french movie you should absolutely see is "The intouchables"! It is gorgeous, funny, deep,… Just perfect in every way and based on a true story! 🙂

Julia D.

This just reminded me of how much I love TED Talks and may have prompted a similar goal of watching one a day. It was recently announced that they are moving from Long Beach to Vancouver, so I'm hoping I have the chance to attend one of these days (although it is prohibitively expensive!).