Why can’t I stop thinking about Halloween? Based on what I’m seeing all over TikTok, I think The Parent Trap is going to be a top contender for Halloween costume ideas… and it’s pretty easy to recreate! I’m sharing this early in case it takes some time to get your costumes together. (Aka convince all your friends to join in on the fun.) Even if you don’t have Halloween plans, I’ve seen groups of girls do this for bachelorette parties, too, which I think is the cutest idea ever. (Matching camp shirts or “Parker Knoll” t-shirts, anyone?)

parent trap halloween costume ideas

My friend Carly and I did this one year and it was a huge hit. Highly recommend doing this. It’s one of those perfect Halloween costume ideas that is trendy (Parent Trap is having a moment on TikTok) and also easy to put together with real clothes. Personally those are my favorite kinds of costumes– no need to waste money on cheap costumes that feel itchy and uncomfortable on! Plus, from my experience, this is a great way to go a little viral on Instagram or TikTok too.

It also totally works to do it alone (maybe one of the twins you connect with the most– I’m more of an Annie James myself) with a friend (definitely go as the twins, either in the classic outfits or matching Camp Walden shirts!), or as a group (Annie James, Hallie Parker, Chessy, Meredith Blake, etc.).

Parent Trap Halloween Costumes

Does it get more iconic than this? No one does costuming or set design like Nancy Meyers.


Tweed Jacket + Tweed Skirt + Travel Case + Shoes + Headband


Denim Jacket + Tee + Shorts + Duffle Bag + Sneakers + Sunglasses

“Camp Walden” Tee + “Parker Knoll” Tee



I had to include iconic Meredith Blake here as well. You could totally do either look. I think her hiking look is a little more recognizable especially if you glue a lizard onto an Evian bottle…. but if you’re going with the group, the poolside winery look would also be fab.

Hat + Dress + Shoes

Sports Bra + Zip Up + Leggings + Lizard (lol) + Backpack + Sneakers


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