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I am obsessed with this dress. Obsessed. I thought it was “cute” online and I threw it in my cart to try on at home. It was expensive enough to give me pause, but I thought it could be an interesting new style to try. (Especially as I’m re-working my wardrobe!)

I’m so, so, so glad I tried this on because I love it. Typically when I go for anything in black, it’s on the more conservative side of things– one may even claim boring. But I have to say, that I am super into the fun and flirty style of this one. Nothing boring about it!


Rebecca Taylor Black Dress

Let me just do a deep dive on the details here:

Puffed Sleeve: I love that the cap sleeve is puffed. It’s such a fun, unexpected detail that gives you complete shoulder coverage while still being flirty.

The ~Perfect~ V-Neck: Is this the v-neck, perfected?!? I’m going to vote YES. I am blown away by the construction of the v-neck. It gives the illusion of cleavage while still being completely appropriate!

A Midi Length Skirt: Hallelujah, the midi skirt is here for another season. I’m praying it stays forever because I find it to be so flattering and comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I love a short skirt just as much as I do a maxi, but a midi gives you the best of both worlds. I like being able to walk comfortably and show off my shoes, ha.

The Bow In the Back: And last, but not least, the bow in the back! It completes the dress with a cuteness factor and functionality. I mean, I love a bow. But it also allows you to tie it so the dress fits your body just so. AND it also hits in the perfect spot so you can hide your bra strap.

Does it get better than that?

Black Bow Dress

I’m currently writing this post while I have a big list going on my phone of all the things I need to pack for my trip to the Cape (for Colie’s wedding) and Nantucket (for a family vacation). This dress is 100% coming with me. I can’t decide what occasion I should wear it for (rehearsal dinner? my 30th birthday dinner?), but I know I will wear it at some point and I already can’t wait.

La Vie by Rebecca Taylor

Even if this dress isn’t for you, I hope it inspires you to try something out of your comfort zone. You may surprise yourself.

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Michelle J

I love this dress! It’s seriously perfect! You wear it beautifully! I’m also intrigued about you reworking your wardrobe! I hope you’ll share more!


Thank you for sharing this dress! I shop on Tnuck all of the time, but had not looked at this dress because of the price point. Definitely reconsidering after this post! 🙂


It’s very rare that I think a dress looks BETTER on someone than the model, but this is one of those cases! You are selling it and it’s clear that you feel great 🙂