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After a quiet week at home, Mike and I are headed up to the Cape for Nicole’s wedding. I cannot believe this weekend is here!!! It will be so fun to celebrate their nuptials. I’m teary-eyed just thinking about it– so special celebrating your best friend’s wedding. I’m also excited that my parents and sister will be there too.


A gratuitous photo of Tedster. This was taken with my iPhone if you can believe it. Look at the little sparkle in his eye.

ONE // AERIN at Williams Sonoma 

If you’re like me and have been lusting over AERIN’s collection at Williams Sonoma, now might be a great time to make a purchase or two. Looks like they’re having a big sale on most of the summer items. I love everything of hers. I picked up this tablecloth and I also love these picture frames, which could be great to have on hand for various gifts.

TWO // 10 Tomato Recipes

I had no idea until I moved to New Jersey how amazing Jersey tomatoes are. (Actually had no idea Jersey was “known” for tomatoes at all.) But, lo and behold, they really are something else! We’ve been picking up local tomatoes from Wightman’s Farm in Morristown and doing a lot of Caprese salads. I have bookmarked this page from Cup of Jo rounding up ten amazing tomato recipes. Going to try a few out before summer ends!

THREE // Libro.FM Special Discount

You guys know I love a good audiobook. I have an Audible subscription and I also download audiobooks for free from my library. BUT I just started partnering with Libro.FM which allows you to buy audiobooks directly from your local bookstore! I’m supporting my favorite bookstore in Hoboken: Little City Books! If you sign up with my link and sign up for a monthly membership, you’ll get three audiobook credits for the price of one during your first month of membership.

FOUR // Pencil & Paper Co Creative Camp

One of my new Instagram follows Pencil & Paper Co is hosting a Creative Camp in Nashville this November. I was going to go with one of my friends but then she realized she couldn’t make that weekend. I wasn’t going to go….. but you know what? I’m not really afraid to do things alone (well, sort of lol), so I’m going! Gen has such a great eye and unique style so I can’t wait to see what the weekend is like!

FIVE // Stitch Clubs

I shared this on Instagram, but I’m sharing it here again. Since I’m in a new town where I know some people but not as many as my previous towns, I have been on a mission to meet new like-minded people. Sounds awkward, but from my experience, most women I talk to are looking for more in-person connections. I’ve already gone on a handful of little coffee dates, which has been so fun and I am loving meeting interesting women. But I wanted to join some sort of “low commitment” (i.e. nothing formal like a Junior League) group where you can meet people without it being super awkward or…. whatever. Anyway, I read an article about Stitch Clubs and they’re in so many cities!!! I like that these are local and organized around an activity that doesn’t require drinking. (Going to a happy hour at a bar is pretty much my worst nightmare for meeting new people LOL.) Anyway, passing this information along in case you want a fun way to meet other women in your area!

PS I have a special discount code for Brooke & Lou to celebrate their first birthday!! Use CARLY20 for 20% off (not valid on sale or Collected items). I’ve been on their website weekly looking at fun things for the new house. I think the basil basket is my absolute favorite though. So gorgeous. And I’m tempted to design our guest room around this pillow! LOVE!

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Love hearing about the stitch club! Would love to hear more on how to make friends as an adult – after moving or not- if you hear of any other fun activities or groups that don’t require drinking that would be amazing 🙂 SO happy you are enjoying Jersey!


We’ll be so glad to welcome you to Nashville! Let me know if you need any recommendations from a native 🙂


My girlfriends and I have taken to getting together one a week (or every two weeks, really) for a “Stitch ‘n Bitch” night. We’re all in grad school and so incredibly stressed all the time so it’s nice to just have a time to decompress. We all do something different, but it’s all fiber arts related (knitting, crochet, cross stitching). Plus, I get dedicated time to work on my projects!


I have been needlepointing for years and made so many pillows. You should check out Wool and Grace in Summit, as they have a nice selection of canvases. P.S. I would love to be part of a stitch group. I’m in Mountainside.


I have been needlepointing for years and have made many pillows. Wool and Grace in Summit has a nice selection of canvases. I would love to be part of your stitch group. I’m in Mountainside.