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Unique Wedding Gifts

While I usually stick to registries for wedding gifts, sometimes you have to think a little more creatively. I think buying off a registry is the most polite thing to do because you know you’re getting the couple something that they need and/or want. Yes, it’s not the sexiest thing to buy a set of forks for the couple, but hey! You’re doing them a favor by ensuring they have a full set of silverware, not just spoons and knives! 😉

Sometimes, however, I have had to get creative with the gifts. More than a few times I put off buying something from the registry and everything had already been purchased. I’ve also been involved in weddings where you have to get gifts for multiple events (like a shower, a housewarming, the wedding, etc).

Here are three unique wedding gifts that have been well-received:

Wooden Catan


We bought this for the couple that taught us how to play Catan. We knew, without a doubt, they were big Catan-fans. When I found out that you could buy custom wood boards, we bought one smaller item off the registry and went straight to Etsy for the board.


I actually told Mike to do this for one of his friends getting married a couple of summers ago. I have Georgetown tobacco silk (they were collectibles in cigarette packages back in the day) and it looks so good framed. He found silks for the school that the bride went to and the groom went to and had them matted side by side in the same frame! It came out so great. It’s also kind of a fun thing to hunt down. Try searching “cigarette silk + [NAME OF SCHOOL]” as well as “tobacco silk + [NAME OF SCHOOL]” to get as many results as possible.


How amazing are these framed matchbooks? There are so many different locations, restaurants, and venues represented. I actually found this framed matchbook for the venue of Nicole’s wedding and I just had to get her this! It’s too cute. (And then as I was putting together this post, I actually found one for the restaurant where Mike and I had our first date so I ordered that 🙊 Should I save it for a gift? Probably. Will I hang it the second it arrives? Definitely.)

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These are great ideas! My husband and I met while on our Junior Year Abroad in Scotland at The University of St. Andrews so some friends gave us thoughtful wedding (and later baby) gifts from St Andrews, including a lovely little framed print of the West Sands with the Old Course and Cathedral in the background.


If I need a gift not on a registry, my go to is the Mariposa ‘Best Day Ever’ frame. A great frame to put a fun photo from the wedding in. I’ve even sent it late with a photo I took at the wedding.


Carly, I love these ideas and was shocked/thrilled to find a cigarette silk from my alma mater, Juniata College, on eBay! It’s a very very small school so it felt like fate, and I purchased right away.

Shannon M.

Love the tobacco silk idea! I just found my dad’s school (Virginia) and my law school (WVU). What a fun find! He will be so excited.

Thanks, Carly!

Holly C

I love the tobacco silks! I just located my husbands alma mater (IU) and am going to get it framed for him. Question on the framing though… do you have the silk laying flat against the background or is it “floating”? Thank you for sharing!


Love these ideas! Was curious how you framed the tobacco silk!! Was trying to figure out how to frame mine (of course, inspired by this post!)


This list was extremely useful to me because I am in the midst of all of my friends getting married. Also, I’m planning my own wedding, so this will come in handy! Thank you very much!