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I’m kind of cracking myself about this outfit. Because I wore a fairly similar get up to the first day of sixth grade. I had a denim pencil skirt with a 3/4 length white tee that tied at the neck with suede ribbon. It was my favorite outfit that I wore pretty much once a week for the entire school year. All of my friends were just starting to be able to shop in the ~women’s~ department and I was stuck in Gap Kids with adjustable, elastic waistbands. It’s sort of funny in retrospect but as an 11-year-old it was oh-so-devastating.

Since most schools are either back in session or getting ready for school, I thought it would be funny to post this grown-up version of my “FDO” (aka first day outfit).

Carly the Prepster

Superga Sneakers

Paravel Crossbody

One thing that I didn’t wear with my sixth-grade first day outfit? A purse. Every other sixth-grade girl brought one. Somehow I completely missed that memo!! I was mortified and that night my mom and I went through her closet and picked out this black crossbody that had beaded flowers. (When or where she got that thing, I will never know.)

This crossbody is from Paravel and seriously one of the cutest things. I had seen it on the ‘gram quite a bit and loved how it looked but wondered about its practicality. The team at Paravel sent me the bag and I have to say, the cannister is way more spacious than it lets on. I actually like that it’s a cylinder and all of my essentials (phone + Mophie + card case + a couple of lipsticks) fit with ease. And the zip on top is easy to get in and out of. This is one of those bags that people stop you in stores and on the sidewalk to say, “Omg where is that from?”

Club Monaco White T-Shirt

And what’s more back to school than stocking up on great white tees? I had an old favorite that turned a little yellow from a natural deodorant that I was testing. (Not like the usual wear and tear kind of yellow but almost dyed– it was so bizarre!) When that shirt was retired, I started trying a bunch on. This has been my favorite: a ribbed, tight tee. I really like everything about it from the slight texture of the ribbing, to the length of it (it’s not too long and it’s not too cropped), and the sleeve length. It also looks great tucked in or left untucked. And….. it’s NOT SEE THROUGH. 🙌🏻

Carly Heitlinger

Shirt // Skirt // Shoes // Crossbody (c/o)

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Love love love this super simple and cute First Day Outfit!!! Nothing like a white tee! I’ve seen that purse all ova Insta to and love the fun shape. Good to know it fits an iPhone! I had to get rid of my J.Crew straw cross-body when I upgraded to a iPhone+ and it was such a sad day!

Katie |