This is one of my favorite dresses I’ve purchased from J. Crew in a while!! Well, actually one of my favorite recent purchases across the board. It has a boxy, oversized fit (hello, comfort) and a darling print (hello, patchwork). It feels very much “me”!

I had some questions about the fit of the dress. It’s an a-line, loose fitting dress so if you’re in between sizes, I’d go with the smaller of the two. The straps are adjustable, there are pockets, there is a zipper on the side, and there’s smocking in the back!! Have I sold you yet??

I also had a couple of questions about the print. It’s a print and not actually patches sewn together, which I think makes it even more of a winner. The fabric flows so much better and isn’t too heavy.

Dress // Similar Sweater // Similar Handbag // Sneakers // Sunglasses


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Love it! Just bought this dress on your rec and can’t wait for it to get here 🙂 Question: what kind of bra are you wearing with it/other spaghetti straps this summer? I’m currently nursing as well and going bra-less just isn’t cutting it right now, lol!


I agree with the previous comment about how this is such a you dress. You look fantastic!

However, can you speak more on spending that much on a bag (nearly 9 grand) when you were just ranting on insta stories about people paying $1000 for a dress? I’m just interested on your take on what items to spend money on. Especially since you live in dresses during the summer but you often don’t carry around your Chanel purse. Seems extremely hypocritical


It was under $6k when I bought it a few years ago, but to your point 1) it was a special purchase to celebrate an end of year milestone and 2) it’s a bag I will have forever and can pass on AND carry every day (vs a whimsical dress that id only wear once or twice).


Since you clearly emphasized “AND carry everyday” are we supposed to believe you use the Chanel bag daily? Based on your Tuesday posts .. most days you wear leggings, work out top, sweatshirt etc. Are you really carrying that large fancy bag every day? Would you be able to show it more in your Tuesday posts then?


Love this dress!! Just got mine in the mail, inspired by you! The material is surprisingly thick and excellent quality! My straps weirdly aren’t adjustable though, did I get a defective one?