DIARY No. 75

I fell off my schedule for this a little bit, so this one is going to cover a bit more ground than usual! Also can’t believe I’ve done 75 of these diary posts so far. They’re one of my personal favorites to write because it feels so old school blogging. Sometimes the everyday doesn’t feel worthy of a stand-alone blog post, but I still want to document beyond just a frame on Instagram story that expires after 24 hours!!

Okay some highlights:

Have I shared this on the blog yet?! This surface cleaner from Laundress smells so good. It sparks all the joy when I spray down the counters every day. 

I have a serious Minnow Swim problem. Just can’t stop, won’t stop matching with Jack. (Gotta take advantage of the days before he can voice an opinion…)

We had the most hectic experience at the airport trying to get to the Bahamas. We were cutting it close timing-wise for our flight, but with a baby and an early morning wake up we didn’t want to just be like wandering around the airport. Well there were VERY long lines at the counter and we couldn’t check in at a kiosk because there was something about traveling with an infant internationally?! Not really sure, but we were cutting it CLOSE. We had an angel from American Airlines take us under her wing. Felt like we were in a movie with how fast she was furiously trying to get Jack’s boarding pass sorted and our bags checked in before they closed down. Then she sprinted us through security and had us going through different entrances and got us all the way to the gate. It was wild! And we made it! I was drenched. Drenched in sweat and contemplating an alcoholic beverage at 6am.

Ugh! TAKE ME BACK TO HARBOUR ISLAND!!! We had just the most magical time. It sounds so cliche, but it really was. So much pool and beach time. Jack is a summer baby through and through.

Such a great peony season. Basic? Maybe. But I think they’re basic for a reason. Just love them so much.

Speaking of summer. There is nothing greater than being able to spend wake windows with Jack OUTSIDE. Feels so much better than being cooped up inside!! The dogs love it. I love it. Jack loves it. Major win. I spread out this waterproof mat and bring out a few toys or balls or bubble machine to play!

We had a great MDW down the shore. A totally full house! Jack is obsessed with his cousins and vice versa. It’s great! It’s so cool to see them develop their own little bonds already.

I did a book signing/meet and greet on Sunday morning at the Addison Bay store in Avalon! Loved meeting Marghi in person– she is a gem!!

No need for a filter when the Glow Screen hits the sun just so.

A go-to combination as of late. 10/10 recommend.

I joined my local Moms Demand Action group. Last week we tied orange ribbons around light posts in town to honor survivors and call for an end to the gun violence crisis. It felt good to do something, however small.

Our pond club is open for the season!!! Already it’s so nice to have a fun place to go with our neighbors and friends on weekends and evenings.

I registered for this little chair and 100% it’s a win. 1) It’s the cutest thing to see Jack propped up in it. and 2) it’s so freaking convenient to have a mini high chair.

I’m usually more of a coffee or espresso girl, but I’ve been feeling the matcha lattes lately. And almond croissants always.

I had to grab some flowers for a shoot and at the last minute, I reached for a carton of ice cream (it was very needed….). I hadn’t brought a bag with me so I just carried it out and popped it on the seat of the car… it matched my bag!

A Stanley cup update… It fits perfectly in the Peloton handles and, honestly, I think that alone might make it worth it so far!!

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Omg that picture of you and Jack on the beach is so, so precious. ♥️ These are my favorite posts


OMG carly! I enjoy all your posts but this one with the pictures of Jack is the cutest! He just looks so happy!


I had the same experience with a 6am flight to Harbour Island (through Miami) in Feb. out of DCA with our then-14 month old. Probably the most stressful experience ever, but AA let us cut the international check in line and we made it! Will be leaving with plenty of time next trip…

Roslynn Mitchell

This diary is so delightful and summery! You look absolutely gorgeous and any pic of little Jack will a smile on my face. Thanks for the Laundress tip. I love their products.