Almost every day I feel like I have to be patient. However, I do not have patience. It’s not something that’s naturally wired into my brain. I might be the least patient person in the world. It’s kind of deadly storm of various factors… I tend to have a good sense when something is going to happen– although it’s hard to know when it will occur. I’m a really competitive person– 99% with just myself. I have a short temper and can get frustrated if things are moving “fast enough.” 
It can be bad. Internally, I can say some pretty horrible things in my head when I’m not being patient enough. And externally, I can drive the people in my life crazy when I get frustrated about whatever. You know Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka? Yep. I may not be after chocolate and golden eggs, but that’s how I feel about my goals. Like, “Okay, it would be awesome if it could just happen now.”
Because I’m not naturally patient, I have to really work at it. It’s a bit counter-intuitive, but not being patient can actually derail my progress or prevent me from getting anything done in the first place. 
Last week, during one of the panels I was on, I was responding to a question about how to stay motivated when you’re growing a blog audience. My response was to be patient (ha, easier said than done, I know…). I really do believe that patience is the real key– to stick with it even if it feels treacherous. My rewardStyle account consultant was on the panel too and she actually brought up the fact that I’m not that patient myself. #Busted. I definitely need to practice what I preach over here!! (Rest assured, I’m not immune to blogging frustration in the least.)
It actually was a bit of an eye-opener for me in that I may have checked off certain goals of mine in the past, but that doesn’t mean I can be any less patient both presently and in the future. If anything, it should have taught me the true importance of patience. I know, I know… patience is a virtue and everything. But patience is also a key part in the sweetness of success.
Have you ever received a gift from someone that you really loved? Big or small, the gifts are beautiful and I treasure them because of who gave it to me. But something that was earned? How amazing does that feel. The value at that point is way way way more than the face value of whatever it happens to be.
An earned goal, and especially one that took a long time, is kind of the best feeling. I personally can picture myself standing on top of a mountain, Rocky style when I accomplish something that I’ve been wanting for a while.
I’ve been even more impatient than normal recently, wanting timelines to move quicker, and goals to be reached faster. But I needed the reminder that I’ve been advising all along: patience is key

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Lauren Rose

Patience is something I have to work on as well! I think it's difficult because we live in a society that is impatient (fast food, smartphones, etc.) However, when something is achieved over time that requires a lot of effort to be put in, like you said, it makes success that much sweeter! I also believe that having patience and allowing time to make something, such as a brand or business, grow means that it will have longevity and not just short term success.


I am the exact same way. I want everything to happen right away especially when I get really excited about something. I hate waiting. I have slowly started learning that it helps to take your mind of things and that if you truly love something it will be worth the wait!

Annie Belle

alaina shea

I'm the same – not patient, huge temper…all of it. I'm working on my patience as well. I find it's nice to live in the moment, be grateful, and realize that when good things do come, it's worth it!
Good luck to us both! 🙂

Megan McKee

I think we're on the same page. I've never been one to have much patience, runs in the family I guess. Moving to the big apple didn't help with the cause either, haha 🙂

Sarah Morris

Great post and it came at the perfect time! I am currently in the process of applying for a new job internally and the process is taking a while. Thank you for reminding me that patience is key and that it is what makes the (hopeful!) sweet result that much sweeter and worth celebrating.

Thanks Carly! xo

Fiona Heath

Could not agree/understand this post more. Patience is so important, but something I also struggle with. I always just want things to happen immediately, regardless if I know they do take time!!

Fie x Coffee & Confetti

Taylor Hoffman

I love this post…it is way too relevant to my life right now. You want things to move faster, succeed quicker, etc. Thankfully, I have worked in a lot of patient care experiences and you have to be really patient with that…so I have learned patience on that level. My blog on the other hand, I have no patience! Still learning and trying to be patient:)

xo, Taylor


The Willy Wonka reference is perfect! I have so many lofty goals in life and want to reach them all right now. Even when one is reached I don't stop and appreciate all that is done – I just want to reach the next goal!


Love this post! I, too, have problems with patience! Keeping a note at my desk with the word "patience" written on it, really seems to help! Taking a step back, when frustrated, and looking at that little note to myself helps me realize that I'm making a bigger deal out of things than they really are!!


Julia Elmendorf

We're definitely on the same page with this one! it can be so frustrating to be patient when everything around you seems to be moving so slow while your brain is moving a mile a minute!

Mana Smith

I'm both impatient but terrified of passing time to quickly so I try to be extra patient because if I'm rushing towards something I worry I'll miss something else because I breezed by it. As I get older I try harder to hold onto things, so I find myself saying things like I can't wait to see my son all grown up and find out who he's going to be, but I want to hold on to him just as he is right now. Or I can't wait til Christmas but I don't want this year to end yet.
Fashion and Happy Things


I absolutely agree with you and I am not patient at all myself!
It is nice to see your blog has been growing and is totally awesome! Cheers!