Gingham Shirt: Now and Later

I’ve had this gingham shirt in my closet for years and years. I don’t even remember getting it, but it has to be one of the most worn shirts I have. Gingham can be tricky to wear year round, but done right and it can be the perfect fall look (or even winter!).
I wore it today and, while I don’t want summer to end, was thinking about how I was going to wear the shirt come fall. My riding boots have been taunting me a little bit.
The monogrammed bag is from Cinco Powell (c/o)… I’ve been wearing it every chance I get since I got it in the mail!
NOW | Gingham Shirt // Fluted Skirt ($20 with “HOTOUT” at checkout) // Ballet Flats
LATER | Field Jacket ($76 with “HOTOUT” at checkout) // Gingham Shirt // Skinny Jeans // Riding Boots

What do you think? How would you style the gingham shirt now and later?

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Emily Vogt

I've been looking for a navy gingham shirt but never thought to looks in the men's! I'll definitely be adding that one to my cart!


I absolutely love that skirt! I already own it in hunter green and because of your post I may or may not have bought it in Navy as well.

Prep Essentials

I absolutely love the way it looks with the navy field jacket! I am definitely going to try that with mine this fall!


Misha Khan

I love having that one favorite piece that you can pair with different items of clothing to make so many different outfits! This is adorable! I definitely understand why you are so obsessed!


I love gingham all times of the year! It looks especially cozy under a sweater or mixed with wintery prints 🙂

Audrey Lin

I love your now and later posts! My friends always look like they're wearing new outfits whereas I'm just pulling out the same five items every week, because I'm too lazy to think about how to layer them. Looking forward to more 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's