Little Ways to Make an Old Outfit New

Because we’re in between seasons in terms of retail, but still seriously at the height of summer (#hellohumidity), I’ve been trying to rework some of my old favorites. You know those pieces in your closet that you just love love love and would wear every day if you could? I haven’t gone on a complete spending freeze, but I am trying to utilize the things I have in my closet before buying something new. I have a tendency to just want a new dress instead of going to find one that I already have!
While they’re old favorites and I do love wearing them, sometimes I just want them to look a bit more updated. At the very least, I’d love for my friends to not think I wear the same things every night for dinner.
I have to admit, I’m not the biggest accessories girl on the block. I know there are girls out there who are basically artists when it comes to accessories. Me? I just forget when I’m getting ready in the morning. I tend to wear the same few bracelets, the same shoes, and the same handbag. Cute dress? Yes. Accessories? Not so much.
I have found a few super easy updates though that are easy to wear (i.e. comfortable) and can transform an outfit– or just give it a little extra something! And the best part is that accessories aren’t as expensive as a whole outfit… and you can mix and match with everything you already own.
(Side note: I’m still probably never going to be into crazy accessories– one or two to update an outfit is just the right amount of commitment for me. I still buy into the idea of removing one accessory before walking out the door!)
The easiest thing for me right now has been swapping out a handbag for a cute clutch and/or adding a belt into the mix. Who knew a belt could make such a difference? And a clutch really can make a big statement. I just wore my favorite pair of white jeans and my breezy summertime favorite blouse with a leopard clutch (!!!). The leopard was a bit out of my comfort zone, but it really made my outfit a bit more unique than usual!
My favorite picks that can go with many outfits that you already have:
Super cute options, right?! While I love certain things to be bright and cheerful, the versatility of classic neutrals (and navys) will ensure that you can wear the accessories with so many outfits. I have four of the six things featured and I have to say… they’re great staples. The striped straw clutch (seen here!) might just be my favorite because it goes with SO many things– casual jeans and a tee or a simple white dress. And I’m lusting over the scalloped leather clutch like crazy. The gold bow belt (which I wore to my college graduation) is an adorable way to cinch a looser dress.
What’s your favorite way to update a favorite outfit?

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I love those clutches! I really like the idea of being able to transform an outfit with one piece–even if we aren't really into accessories. I have totally been digging the belts from Anthropologie! You should really check them out. They are absolutely stunning and I think they fit right in with your blog post. Thanks for sharing!


Love this! I've never been into belts but I do agree that they can really transform an outfit, loving that leopard one. I prefer statement necklaces or a nice jacket/blazer to update an outfit. I do really like those clutches too (hello scalloped!)

Annie Belle

Audrey Lin

It seems as if some girls at my school have never-ending closets, but one of my fashionista friends tells me that all she does is mix and match. I, on the other hand, feel as if I'm wearing the same 5 pieces of clothing every day (and in the same way). Thanks for these tips! I'll do my best to put them to good use 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Alyssa J Freitas

I really like to use layers to change up an outfit, like putting on a blazer when I normally use a sweater although that doesn't work too well for the summer! These are some good ideas Carly.

Alyssa | Keep It Simple

Miss Jessie

The gold and calf hair belt are both calling my name. 😀 I find the easiest way to update an outfit is with a belt. They're definitely my go to when I need to switch up things.



Omg the scalloped clutch and the gold belt are absolute perfection! I have been looking for a good gold belt to add some pop to my high waited skirts. 🙂