PB Teen Holiday Pajamas

One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting matching pajamas for Christmas. My mom typically gives the pajamas to my sister and me on Christmas Eve to wear overnight and while we unwrap presents. We got a head start this year with the matching pajamas with help from PB Teen!
We picked out the bubble stripe flannel pajamas. The flannel is incredibly thick and soft, perfect for snuggly nights. I have a feeling the pajamas with get better and better with every wash. 
Teddy couldn’t resist sister snuggles.
Stacy and I are very close. We grew up with completely different interests and personalities which I think allowed us to grow up separately without ever being compared to each other. Most teachers couldn’t even believe we were related we were so different! We had our own lives (read: my sister had a life and I did my best, ha), but always had a great time together. For context on how close we are, the biggest fight we had was over a missing barrette… aka not a big deal. And if we did fight, our mom would send us to our rooms and then we’d concoct these insane ways to communicate with each other… like a pulley system that we could clip notes to that would slide under our doors.
Even as “adults,” we still do some of the same sisterly things we did growing up. Watching bad movies and television marathons. Doing each other’s hair and makeup. Ganging up against our parents in petty arguments.
We’re always there for each other and for that I am forever grateful!
Because I live far away, our time together is especially important to me. During the holidays, I love curling up with Stacy on the couch in the ladies’ lounge, doing nothing but stretch the minutes that it is acceptable to stay in our pajamas. 
Photos by Bekka Palmer
PB Teen has a really cute selection of pajamas, robes, and slippers... perfect for dorms, sleepovers, traveling, or matching with your sister on Christmas morning:

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Jenny Padilla

The words about your sister were so sweet! My sister and I actually used to fight quite a lot when we were younger, but now that we're older we're much closer and I consider her to be my best friend. There's nothing like sister love! And you both look adorable in the PJs!

From the Desk of J

CT Cupcake

what do you mean by the ladies lounge? do y'all have a nickname for bedroom in your house? I've only heard ladies lounge as polite euphemism m for bathroom.