Stacy and Meesh in NYC

Even though I was just in Tampa for Thanksgiving, it was so great to see my mom and sister in the city this weekend. We always have the best time together no matter where we are or what we’re doing! (We did miss my dad, although he is probably relieved he missed all the shopping ha!)
We LOVE Eataly. It’s always the first place we go for a little snack/early dinner when they land in New York. Janelle happened to have a city trip planned this weekend as well so we got to meet up with her for a little bit, which is always nice and never enough!
As we were leaving Eataly, the rain started picking up. We peeked our heads into Rolf’s really quick just to take in the insanely spectacular Christmas decorations. Legitimately the most festive thing I’ve ever witnessed. (We didn’t have reservations, but it was so crowded, I’m not sure I’d even want to eat there. Worth a visit though!)
Walking around at night in the rain isn’t too much fun, so an executive decision for a movie night was made. The three of us had plans to see Hunger Games over Thanksgiving but never had the chance. Omg, it’s so good. My sister and I heard mixed reviews about it, but the three of us just loved it. And the popcorn, of course. 
In the morning, we geared up for another rainy day. Even though we had plans for brunch, I wanted to show my sister and my mom Ralph’s– the coffee shop inside the new Polo Ralph Lauren store. It’s gorgeous and not as well known right now so it’s never terribly crowded, especially if you get there early!
During the day, we met up with Stacy’s friend for brunch at Maison Kayser. Garrett and I shopped a little bit and went uptown to walk Teddy while my mom and sister did their own touring.
It’s not a NYC trip without a visit to Broadway! Between the four of us, we have seen so many shows so it’s kind of hard to find one that we can all agree on. Jersey Boys was the winner! Before the show, we ate dinner at Carnegie Deli– massive sandwiches, matzoh ball soup, pickles, potato pancakes, French fries! Yum!
I knew a few songs going into the show, but I was really surprised by just how many I’ve heard! I had no idea they were by the Four Seasons! My mom was humming along throughout the whole show and I have a few songs absolutely stuck in my head… in the best possible way.
^^ I love this rainy photo Stacy snapped of Garrett and me walking home.
Stacy was a trooper and agreed to take blog photos really early this morning before heading off to breakfast. 
I’m wearing: Pom Pom Hat // Cocoon Coat // Sweater (similar) // Gingham Shirt // Jeans // Boots // Gloves
How cute is Stacy in her coat?!
A big Sarabeth’s breakfast followed by a little Madison Avenue shopping was the perfect way to end their trip. I already miss them!!!

Did you have a fun weekend?

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Audrey Lin

Because I'm such a foodie, Eataly was one of my favorite places in NYC, and that's saying a lot, because NYC has so many amazing things! I'm going to be in Philly for the next 3.5 years for college, and my favorite place for food is Reading Terminal Market; it's really similar to Eataly and is a must-see if ever you're in the area!

It has always been a dream of mine to celebrate Christmas in NYC because of all the hustle and bustle and holiday spirit. The decorations!! Unfortunately, I always spend my winter breaks in Taiwan to visit my relatives for New Years, so I haven't yet been able to have a white Christmas in NYC. The night markets in Taiwan are amazing though, so that's not too bad. Food is life.

Loving Stacy's coat! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


My mom's initials are "MYSH." People have always called her Mish or Mysha and somewhere over the years, my sister and I started calling her Meesh! haha!