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The Perfect Plaid Scarf

A couple of years ago I found the perfect plaid scarf at Target of all places. I actually think my sister found it if my memory serves correctly. It really was the perfect plaid, and I’ve been searching for a similar option ever since I put it on my blog. Every fall, I start to get inquiries about where to get that particular scarf. I have tried to find similar ones throughout the years, but they’re never quite as cute.

I found a super similar one today though! (It’s the “Ivory Multi Plaid” option and I also love the “Bright Scarlett Plaid.”)

Plaid Scarf

I’m going to keep looking out for them. In the meantime, here are a few more plaids I love:

PS This one on Etsy is also pretty close, but there’s only one!

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I found a really good classic cotton fisherman’s sweater from JCrew factory men’s! I wear a 2-4 womens and wear an XS in the men’s sweater 🙂

Best, Isabella

I can’t believe that’s from Target! I remember they had a very similar one years back, but with a camel background and not ivory! What a great find!!


One of my favorite plaid scarves came from Target! Wish I could have found this one though – it really is perfect!