Old fashioned photostrips have been popping up on my radar during the last week or so. And I’m completely obsessed. Does anyone know of an online photoediting thing that can create them?

During my senior year of high school, we went to Philadelphia for a Journalism conference. (Yearbook… HOLLA!)

My little group of bffs (and my mom and another chaperon) went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and they had an old fashioned photo booth! Not one of the new technologically advanced ones. A real old fashioned one. It was WAY too much fun.

The pictures are so eclectic and spontaneous. We had no idea when the next picture was coming!

Some more pictures from the trip:


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Midwest Prep

No way, I was there in Philadelphia at the Journalism convention too!! Andddd I wore many of the same things you're wearing in these pictures.. complete with the argyle sweater vest AND argyle socks! Too funny!


ohhh. I love old photo strips! I really dislike new ones being in color. my suggestion is any advanced photo software. I create a similar effect with photoshop!



If you go to to Wink (its through shutterfly) they will allow you to create your own photostrips! I have made a few and they turn out super cute!! Here is the website It is about $2.50 for each one, but I am pretty sure when you sign up you might get your first one free! :)!


A while ago, I found a few old ones I had taken in Middle School or earlier. So neat, but kind of embarrassing too. I love the old fashioned ones like what you posted, the new ones with stickers and graphics and glitter are too tacky.

PS I love that you and your friend have matching yellow+argyle outfits, super adorable


Love old photo strips! I know iPhone has an app you can download to make 'em! I downloaded the app a few days ago and it works really well!


Love the photo strips! We were at a party and they had an old fashioned machine also! So fun! As I was reading about your journalism camp I was thinking that Midwest Lilly Prep was there also and I see by her comment she was!! Too funny!


There's actually an iPhone Photobooth app where you can change your photos into a photobooth style or take your own with your phone!