You might forget to bring…

I’ve been coming up with a list of things that you should bring to the pool, but might forget. There are the obvious things (towel, sunscreen, book, etc.) of course, but don’t forget my list!
Here’s my list:

Rubber flip flops. Go ahead and wear those cute metallic Jack Rogers to the pool. But make sure you have a pair of rubber flip flops tucked away in your beach bag. If the pool has a bathroom, you surely don’t want to rinse off in your nice sandals. And you most certainly don’t want to contract any weird foot issues!!!
Old Navy has a great selection of SUPER cheap flip flops. You won’t feel so bad when you leave them whoknowswhere.

A small hand towel. Your regular towel is perfectly spread out on the lounge chair. You jumped in the pool for a quick cool off before digging back into Chapter 16. Don’t risk ruining the towel layout, reach for the smaller one. Also, it can be rolled up and used for neck support.
Pottery Barn Kids has lots of options that can be monogrammed!

Wet Bsuit bag. You’ve changed into your Lilly romper, but now you have to stick your wet bsuit into your tote! OH NO! If you don’t have a little bag already lined for wet things, a ziplock is a cheap substitute.Learn how to make your own HERE (I love this Blog BTW!). Or you can just google it and find an online retailer!

Chapstick with SPF. You always remember to get the tops of your ears with sunscreen (those sunburns are awful), but don’t neglect your little lips! Plus, chlorine always makes my lips dry!Mmmm! Soft Lips is carrying a few summer flavors with SPF 20!

No More Tangle Spray. This has been my curly hair SAVIOR. Armed with this stuff, you don’t have to worry about jumping in with a braid, or a bun, or a messy ponytail, or anything. Bring on the knots!J&J No More Tangles smells just like Elementary school to me– in a good way of course!

Wide tooth comb. While on the subject of hair. If you’ve read any article about protecting hair, you know that you should never brush hair when wet. Use this wide tooth comb to smooth out those knots after spraying with the No More Tangle spray!
This comb is easy to hold and can be tossed right in your tote!

Wide headbands. Another hair saver. Jumped in the pool and your hair is wet and need to come up with a ‘do quick? Slide one of these headbands on. The humidity is wreaking havoc on you frizzies??? These headbands are wide enough to hold back all those curlies.

What are some of your easy-to-forget-but-really-need-by-the-pool items?


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Great tips! I'm a big fan of no more tangles myself. It seems as though I've never outgrown it.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.


mama k

Love the wet bag idea! Those are cute! 🙂
I use Vo5 Detangle and Shine for my knots and it smells great too!


love this post. could you do a similar post about what not to forget to bring to college? please!