Picnic in the Park

A few months ago, Lifeguard Press sent me a giant box full of goodies. The weather, after rain and below average temperatures, finally turned around this weekend. Because I’m rededicating myself to taking time to disconnect every day, I spent all afternoon out in the park.
Yes, downtown is oh-so-trendy and quite fun at night… but I can’t think of anything better than being steps away from Central Park.
The Lilly Pulitzer Insulated Cooler is so great. I think it’s the go-to bag for any sort of picnic (parks, beaches, wherever!). Oh, and it comes with just about the cutest little bottle opener.
Typically, I hate drinking from reusable cups. I’m super particular about that. However, the disposable cups from Starbucks definitely don’t prevent ice from melting! The Lilly Pulitzer Insulated Tumbler was perfect. I took it to Starbucks, got an iced coffee, and drank iced coffee all afternoon (i.e. the ice didn’t melt!).
Thanks Lifeguard PressHappy picnicking!

PS You should also get the iPhone charger. I snapped a few pictures, Instagrammed a tiny bit, and then listened to music the rest of the time. My phone’s battery was pretty drained from Pandora playing… but the charger gave it the boost it needed to get through the afternoon.
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Patrice Marie

Hey Carly! MY brother proposed to his girlfriend of nine years yesterday, who I adore, and I was trying to think of a cute and practical gift to give her. They live in NYC as well, so I thought that you might have a good gift idea. Thanks, XO.


I have that iPhone charger, but for whatever reason it doesn't seem to want to charge my 4S. It works just fine on my iPod touch, though. Any ideas why that is?