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I’m a huge fan of documentaries. HUGE. As much as I love reading, I think my love for documentaries is the only thing that surpasses books. It really doesn’t matter what the documentary is about, chances are pretty great that I’m going to, at the very least, like it.
The one problem for me is that I’ve seen so many that it’s really hard for one to stand out as amazing. They really are all so great in my mind! This weekend, I ended up watching two documentaries. I intended on only watching twenty minutes of the first one (while my nails dried), but in typical Carly-fashion, I got completely sucked in.
Oh, the other problem with documentaries? Once I start watching them, I tend to fall down the rabbit hole and binge-watch. I used to only keep documentaries in my Netflix queue for when I was inflicted with a bout of insomnia. But now I just can’t wait.
Bill Cunningham New York is truly the best documentary that I’ve ever watched. 
It’s a really, really well-done documentary. Bill Cunningham seriously loves his job. He wouldn’t even consider what he does as “work” at all. I smiled and cried and couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. Oh, I don’t even think I can describe to you how wonderful this film is.
Watching his friends sit around and reminiscence about the amazing and quirky lives they’ve lived was quite breathtaking. The history they’ve all seen– and documented– is nothing short of incredible.
The backdrop of New York City (the rainy sidewalks and the little corner nooks) mixed with the stylish cast of characters is just perfect.
Again, it can hardly be described. You must watch.

What documentaries have you watched lately? What’s your favorite?

PPS I also watched Bully this weekend and CRIED SO HARD.
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Girl Rising! It will make you want to leap out of your chair and go help other girls get the education they deserve! It played on CNN last night, so I am sure they will replay it. ITS AMAZING!

Kimberly N

Bill Cunningham is the best! I was so inspired and in awe after I was done watching it! I absolutly loved Nursery University and read quite a few books on the same subject after!

I also decided to watch Bully last night at 11pm as I fell asleep. Worst idea. It made me want to be a teacher and give them all hugs!


I'm so about documentary's also! Beauty is Embarrassing is a great one featuring artist Wayne White. First Position is a great one about the Ballet Grand Prix.

Emily Russell

Ahh Car I was just about to blog about this as well! I had my wisdom teeth out recently, so I did quite a bit of documentary watching. Bill Cunningham New York was so inspiring! What amazed me is the fact that he is surrounded by luxury and grandeur, but he lives such a simple life! Even with such simplicity, he still loves life and his genuinely happy!

Hunter Thiers

Gosh I don't think I can even count the documentaries I have watched lately! I absolutely love watching documentaries. I don't know what it is about watching someone's life or learning something, but it is so intriguing for me. My recent favorite is Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I know that sounds bad, but it is really interesting! The guy who the movie follows is hilarious!


I love Bill Cunningham New York and the September Issue! I am big fan of sports documentaries. Into the Wind is about Terry Fox and such a tear jerker.


The Bill Cunningham documentary looks amazing! It's on my list of must-see movies!



I just watched this yesterday! Other than that he is the cutest old man ever, I have a great admiration for his work ethics and how that is a reflection of his life and vice versa. Plus the last 5-7ish minutes of the film totally had me in tears and in "awwww" mode.

You should watch "An Inconvenient Truth", it's about global warming and the cause/effects, it hit home for me.


I love documentaries and this was in my list of things to watch. So I finally did and I loved it! What a sweet person!

I recommend 'First Position', as I am not a dancer but I found it just as interesting and inspiring.

Julia D.

I love documentaries! I know you gave a few suggestions in this post, but those are all ones you've already talked about. Any others? I've really loved the picks of yours that I've seen!