One thing you should know about me? I’m a sponge for other people’s emotions. If someone is excited, I’m excited. If someone is upset, I get upset. The emotions are real and it can get intense. (Not even exaggerating here.) It can be a really amazing thing (like the professor who was insanely passionate about the economy in Japan and rubbed off on me…) and it can be a not so amazing thing (like when I take on other people’s stress).
In the case of the pineapple, it’s a good thing.
Amy is obsessed with pineapples. It’s been going on for a while, but now I’ve adopted the passion. At first, I was more passionate about finding pineapples for Amy than the actual pineapples themselves, but they’ve grown on me in a big way. Apparently, pineapples are having a moment. [Insert three pineapple emojis.]
Every time I see a pineapple, I snapchat it to Amy… even if it’s a stand in a grocery store. All. The. Time. We stumbled on this watercolor on Instagram by Marnani Designs, and Martha created this little girl for us! (I died.) The three of us ended up getting dinner a few weeks ago and I think it’s safe to say that we’re great friends now. Gotta love the internet!
How cute is the little pineapple bag?! Precious! Check out the rest of Martha’s work on her website. (Oh, and she made Amy a little girl too!)
Can we just get through this rainy season and zip along to summertime?! Please and thank you. 

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Anyone else obsessed with pineapples?


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Zelle B.

YES to the pineapples. There's a pineapple romper that I absolutely need. Those loafers are adorable, too. And I am dying over that gorgeous party with the pineapple centerpieces! Stunning.

Martha Napier

CARLY!!! You have outdone yourself yet again–Thanks for sharing your Pineapple Fashion Lady—Like I said before, you inspired me to dream her up–so thank you for that. Here's to many more fun memories–over our love of pineapples of course! Your'e the Best! XX

Allison Ellzey

I love that print! Pretty much obsessed with everything you post! Can we be besties now?!

Because I Said So


Omg I love the pineapple loafers! So cute!!!! And that watercolor. I am a painter but haven't got the knack for watercolors yet but I'm working on it 🙂



The LOFT has some pretty cute pineapple stuff too! I'm covering the pineapple Tshirt and shorts!

Audrey Lin

I used to be obsessed with pineapples, but one time I ate too many and my mouth started burning because of the acidity, and I haven't eaten a pineapple since. But lately, I've been finding pineapples quite aesthetically pleasing! The pineapple iPhone case and socks are adorable haha 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Charlotte Hartwell

I love me some pineapples! I have a ridiculously heavy necklace with chunky pineapples on it, and a huge metallic pink pineapple jar that sits next to my computer! As you can see I love pineapple in the most unconventional way!


I am obsessed with pineapples!!! I have emailed with Amy about having some of her Instagrams printed and framed, but I have that on hold until budget allows.

Pineapples are the symbol of hospitality and appear frequently around my hometown of Charleston, SC! I was also a hospitality major in college and our tassels were pineapple yellow for the symbolism 🙂