Mom’s Always Right

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some of the “mom’s always right” kind of things she’s said in my life.
I can’t for the life of me keep a secret and my mom always knows what’s up. Anything I do or have done or think, she can read on my face. And she does have the best advice, even if I don’t listen to her the first time around.
I have an older Kate Spade bangle that has “Mom Always Said” and I love this year’s version too. “Mom Said So.” 
Things my mom is always right about:
Making your bed every morning
Use sunscreen every day
It will all work out (it usually does!)
Less is more, except for when more is more
No means no
Take two IB
Don’t forget to write a thank you note
A bar of soap can accomplish a lot
Always take the high road
There’s no problem we can’t solve
This too shall pass
Take the most challenging option
Trust the universe
When in doubt, just breathe.
It’s so funny because as I go through life, particularly as I’ve gotten older, I’ll hear my mom’s voice in my head or find myself saying things that she always said. The “this too shall pass” line? I repeat it to myself on the reg. I’ve mentioned before that I’m turning into my mother, but I have to give her credit where credit is due… she knows her stuff. 
(Actually, funny story… Remember when the “Sh!t So and So Says” videos were popular? My sister and I were going to do a “Sh!t Meesh Says” video. It’s not so much what my mom says sometimes it’s how she says things.)
What does your mom say that she’s always right about?

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Alexandra Aimee

This bracelet is really cute! I keep getting PR blasts about mothers day gift ideas and most of them are so far off… Self tanner, and weight loss products, and anti-aging creams. Just no :-/ This bracelet on the other hand…Perfect!

— Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

Alexandra Zambrano

I love this post. So dead on as usual. I just bought this for my mom and myself. I also got her the tote you suggested from a few posts ago. Thanks for all the great insight!

Andrea Ruiz

I'm also turning into my mom! Funny thing is, I was an exchange student in Germany for one year and I also have a german host mom and I see myself turning into a combination of my real mother and my german mother! They are both amazing woman and I can't tell you how much I've learned from them both 🙂
Andy from Savor each bite


This is so, so true! Now that I am getting older and going to college soon, I have been hearing my mom's advice in my head a lot more. One thing my mom said that has always stuck with me is "always be yourself, people will like you for who you are". It is so true!

Prep on a Budget

Brittany Lee

I am absolutely in LOVE with this bracelet (and all of Kate Spade's other idiom bracelets), I just wish that my mother would wear something like this! She's never been one for bracelets (she's more of a classic necklace lady), and I have been having such a difficult time shopping for her Mother's Day present this year.

As I get older I try to find gifts that are more unique (and functional) than the last, but this year has been a struggle. Mothers do so much for us, so it is so difficult to find the perfect gift!

Fabulously Unprepared


I love this post. It's funny how we never really realize how right our moms are until we're older. Wish I could've appreciated my mom as much when I was younger as I do now 🙂