Valentino Look for Less

I have been obsessed with RED Valentino. Like, really obsessed. Do I have a private Pinterest board with my favorite looks that I just lust over? Maybe. Everything is just so flirty and girly… and beautiful. It would be amazing to be able to fill my closet from left to right with every piece. But, of course, that is simply just not possible.
One of the things that I really loved was this butterfly blouse and matching skirt. So dainty! (And I love butterflies!) I come back and just admire the clothes online from time to time. Basically window shopping, but kind of weirder.
While in Dallas, I saw another blogger wearing my dream RED Valentino outfit. The blouse, the skirt. The everything. And it was so cute. Oh, I was jealous.
The other night, I was answering questions on my Tumblr to queue up and I stumbled on this dress while looking for an option for someone. Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes! A flirty, pink and dainty dress that looks a lot like the Valentino blouse and skirt, but quite literally a fraction of the cost. I even kind of like it better because it’s a dress. (Keeping shirts tucked in is the bane of my existence.)
Super cute, right?! Thank you BB Dakota for making the cutest little dress that ever was.
Does anyone else have a dream outfit that’s just way out of the budget? Have you found a cheaper alternative? (Slash… I love a good challenge! Let me know and I’ll go on the hunt for you!)

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I've wanted the J. Crew Lady Day Coat in Retro Jade (aqua) for years, but could never justify the price…now that they didn't offer that color last season I'm bummed! I've never found a good alternative either! 🙁



The Stella McCartney lip dress! It's sooo not my style but for some reason I've been obsessed with it for what seems like forever.


Basically everything from Tory Burch… It's such a pain to have good taste as a college student 😉


Yes!! I love RED Valentino too. I often dream about that brand and moschino cheap and chic which has a similar style. The other brands I dreams about mostly are Dior and my holy grail brand Lanvin. Lanvin = The most beautiful clothes ever. I also looooove Miu Miu and Oscar De La Renta however they are also way out of my price range.