Stacy’s Graduation Photos

Can I have a moment here to brag on my sister? Having a sister has to be the best thing in the world. And I may be partial, but being an older sister is even better. I’m so thankful my sister and I close… both in age and in our relationship. We’ve had our fair share of fights (I swear Stace, you lost that barrette I needed for my senior portraits…), but they always ended up with us sent to our rooms by our mom only to have us finding ways to secretly communicate with each other between our doors.
Watching her grow up has been so wonderful. I half can’t believe that she’s graduating from college. Seems like just yesterday I was (reluctantly) helping her move into her freshman dorm room. I’m just so proud of her; even though I’m the big sister, I totally look up to Stace in so many ways. I’m always inspired by the way she makes friends with everybody… how she can have fun doing just about anything… how she does things whole-heartedly. 
She’s graduating from the University of Florida this weekend and then heading off to Paris for a month (cue sibling jealousy). I really wish I could be there for her actual graduation, but I will have to follow along through what I’m sure will be my mom’s constant stream of play-by-play text messages.
Stacy started posting her graduation photos on her Instagram and Facebook page. I straight up started crying when I saw her in her cap and gown! Not to mention the photos are absolutely adorable with her sorority sisters. I just had to share them… (Carter Fish is a photographer and freshman at the University of Florida… I think she did an amazing job!!!)

Stacy and her sorority sisters came up with the cutest ideas. The glitter blowing and champagne popping is so fun and celebratory. These will certainly be photos they look back at fondly over the years!


PS My own college graduation photos… In some ways this feels like yesterday and in others it feels like ten years ago!

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Congratulations to your sister! I'm the oldest sister too, but the younger ones are boys. They're really into gaming, and I can hardly even turn on the TV (who needs that when you have the whole Internet on your laptop?) so sometimes I wish that I had a little sister who might be easier to relate to, but I still love my brothers! They give me many things to laugh about 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


These pictures are so fun!!! Congrats to your little sister on graduating! I have a little sister too, and I totally agree…having a sister is the best and being the big sister is so much fun!


Oh these are perfect! I'm graduating next Saturday and am trying to squeeze in some photos this weekend before campus is inundated with people. I'm an older sister too (by 9 1/2 years) and I can't WAIT for my little sister to graduate…both high school and college.


I love these photos I may have to steal these ideas for when I graduate! Also my sister is graduating this year too! 🙂 It's hard seeing your little sister grow up


Amy Marie

Love these photos!! I wish I thought to have done something similar to this with all of my college friends – would have been great to look back on!



You run a blog that you can literally work on from anywhere and yet you're missing your sister's graduation?

Kaylen Kennedy

Completely done with reading your posts not that you even care but I have no patience for self centered people. But I'm as you (well..if you) read this I'm sure you'll just roll your eyes and convince yourself you were busy.


I graduated from the University of Florida in 2012 and also have many graduation pictures taken at the football stadium, but I wish had thought of the glitter and champagne! Congrats to your sister!


These are adorable and bring me back to my own graduation photos in that same stadium & in front of the gator!!! Didn't know your sister went there – but makes me love your blog even more!! 🙂 #GOGATORS!


These pictures are beautiful! Do you know where the girl is the lace dress got it? She the second girl from the left in the first picture. Im looking for a grad dress and would love to wear that.