pink couch.

Have Life Crisis. Buy Pink Couch.
It made sense to me this morning at least. But, I mean, it’s a pink couch. And for some reason, purchasing a piece of furniture that seems so permanent is kind of reassuring. The real world is really throwing me through some curveballs recently, but there are definitely perks. Like furniture.
My apartment is my apartment. Honestly, that is probably the only great thing about writing a horrible rent check every month. That place is yours. (Well, rented. But I digress.) I can leave my shoes out without getting yelled at by a mom. I can turn the air conditioning on full blast without getting yelled at by a dad. I can drill holes in the wall without getting yelled at by the housing & residence staff at school.
So if I want to decorate with a pink couch. You know what? I’m going to decorate with a pink couch. I cannot wait for this little guy to make it’s way to New York City.
Gilt has the best deals! I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by!
I’ve been hunting for a pink couch ever since I saw Caitlin Wilson‘s couch. Serious lust over her beautiful living room!
What was your first big furniture purchase?

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Alexandra Steinmetz

Good for you! I recently had a breakup with my boyfriend and moved back in with a friend, and had NO furniture. I made my first adult purchase of a new bed, and it feels amazing. There is something so wonderful and adult, and meaningful about being able to decorate the way you want to!


you already know how excited i am for you! i like that one. i keep seeing it on one kings lane and joss and main too! i have lusting over the pink couch in the kate spade store. now i think you need a bow pillow.


I freaking L-O-V-E it, Carly!!! I 10000% agree with you that the best part of having your own space is doing whatever you want. I've had my eye on a hot pink polka dot rug from UO lately and I can't wait to pull the trigger!

Elaine Claire

SO cute I love it! I recently added a pink couch to one of the rooms in my house, though I got it at a yard sale for free! It's more of a vintage piece but it works perfectly. Can't wait to see how you decorate!

-Elaine Claire

Sabra Nice

My first furnature by was my new desk! Unfortuantly, I forgot to get a desk chair along with it! So I am on the search now! Any suggestions for where to find cute desk chairs? 🙂

<3, Sabra

Briana Luca

That is a gorgeous couch!! I'm obsessed and whenever I get my first apartment, I think I'll follow in your footsteps and impulsively buy a pink couch. Don't let the real world get you down, Carly. You're strong, independent and have a great head on your shoulders so everything will be okay!



My first adult furniture purchase was oddly a pink couch and matching love seat. I had them for a long time. You would be shocked at how you can change the pillows, decor and end up with a totally different look.


So cute! Maybe when I move out of my apartment & into the Someday House I'll be able to treat myself to some candy-colored perfection!! My first big furniture purchase was my bedroom furniture…(hard to say which piece specifically came first). I just remember looking at sooo many different sets & things, and finally was able to settle on a more minimalist style with the comfiest mattress ever! Definitely made me feel so grown up though, having free reign to decide EXACTLY what I wanted, instead of having a parent or whomever looming with their (sorry-typically) unwanted opinion! 😉

Rachelle M

Oh my gosh I just bought a couch from Gilt too. The similar looking one in green. My first big furniture purchases were a great big desk and and a bed frame. For the longest time those were the only pieces of furniture in my apartment, finally I added a kitchen table and now a couch.


That couch is perfect! Stability in where I live is definitely one of the things I'm most looking forward to about graduating next year. All I want is furniture and tables that don't fold up!


I am so in love this and therefore jealous that it gets to come live with you! The color. The Tufting. Perfect.


Annica Benning

Check out Emily Henderson's video on mixing styles/patterns for couch pillows. I'm in Paris right now so Youtube doesn't work but if you go to her channel you will find it!