Pillows for the Pink Couch!

Oh my word. To say that things are crazy right now is an understatement. My favorite song, Girl on Fire, has been on repeat. It’s the one thing that’s keeping my head above water right now. That an online shopping. Which is horribly unhealthy, but oh so addicting. Filling up imaginary shopping carts? Strangely entertaining.
I’ve been (fairly) good about not actually buying anything. That is, until I saw the pink couch. Again, I’ve actually wanted a pink couch. And there it was in all its tufted glory. I went for it. It’s going to take forever to ship and be delivered. (Like months.) So much for instant satisfaction! Oh well.
Now I have plenty of time to get the rest of my apartment ready for this little guy. Because you can’t just have any old apartment with a pink couch. Right? Right. I’m actually glad that I have some time to sort things out because I certainly do not have any idea how to go about this. Tips from all of you budding interior designers (yes, you with the gorgeous gallery wall and perfect Pinterest boards), let me know.
Some cute ones that I like… but definitely do not like together:
The monogrammed pillow has tons of options in terms of thread color… So I think that might actually work in a different color. Ugh, I have a feeling I’m going to really struggle with this whole process. I think it’s fun to search, but coming to a final vision and making a final decision is impossible! Anyone who wants to help is more than welcome to send suggestions my way!!!
More pillows that I like below:
What pillow/style gets your vote?

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Lemon Smiles

I think the gold floral caitlin wilson pillow and the white and pink monogrammed pillow would go perfectly with your beautiful pink couch! Excited to see a post on it once it arrives!!


I think I'd go for the monogrammed pillows! keep the black letters but go for a cream/neutral background on the pillow cases. You're getting a pink couch after all, and that in itself is making a statement so you don't need anything too busy and colourful when it comes to the pillows. So excited to see how you put it all together when it (finally) arrives!:)

Kate Mitchell

I feel my interior design senses tingling … many thanks to my mother, an actual interior designer, for this gene. I would go with the C. Wonder pillow in navy and Caitlin Wilson Designs one in gold, and maybe also the Crewel black and white one from Urban Outfitters. I love monograms a lot, but I would hold back on a monogrammed pillow for a couch/living room. I see that more for bedding. But intentionally mixing together patterns for the pillows could look pretty cool!


Baltimore Prep

I like the gold pillow maybe with the embroidered linen C. Wonder pillow (would have to see them together). The monogram pillow screams bedroom to me and with a pink couch you will need to stay away from that feeling. You could throw a needlepoint Jonathan Adler pillow into the mix, as well!


My vote is a mix of gold and white and navy with bits of color you pull from the framed prints above your couch (like the green, etc).


Hi Carly!

I would actually pair the Caitlin Wilson Design pillow with the Dana Gibson leopard pillow. And I would still with a neutral & gold theme for the pillows/accessories. I'm not a huge fan of pink and black together, I'd rather do metallics and neutrals with it. You could also add the monogram pillow in the bunch as long as the thread is a different color! A white pillow with a neutal color threading for the monogram would be so understated and so pretty!



I like the black chevron, blue polka dot, and the pink monogram pillows! But I think I would like yellow chevron more than black. Lots of color will make it even more fun!


Erin Aufox

When picking throw pillows and wall decor for my apartment my mom had the idea to print out the pictures of everything we liked and then mixed and matched them until we found a combo that worked. It helped a lot and at the end you could even make a scrap book with what you pick 🙂

Julia D.

I like the idea of having different pillows with combinations of a mix of gray (or silver), white, and black to accent the bright pink.

Emily L.

I think the gold pillow with the navy and white pillows and the monogrammed pillow. Super cute and you could easily tone it down with just gold and white pillows