Revelry House

It’s a party… in a box.
Lauren Bosworth and Christianne Amodio has started an awesome company called Revelry House. Essentially… you purchase a box and inside is everything you need to throw an awesome party.
It’s pretty awesome because at one point they were working out of Levo League’s office space. We always wondered what kind of awesome parties they were cooking up back there!
Yesterday, they launched their first box for Fourth of July parties!

Everything that comes in the box.


How cool? You can order a box here.

… More parties to come!

Aren’t these party boxes fun?

PS They’re looking for interns this summer! Apply here 🙂

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Annica Benning

This is a fun concept, but what's to stop people from simply buying what is in the 'box' themselves? Yes it's not as convenient, but at $190 (incld shipping) for a box it certainly would be a reasonable cost-saving option. It would not be very difficult to run out and grab some navy napkins, bamboo cutlery, plastic cups and striped straws…


Hi, I know this post is old.. but just wanted to let you know the “you can order a box here” link seems like it’s for a different kind of “party” now. lol