Plaid and Ruffles

This outfit is from about five weeks ago. No idea what took me so long to post… I’m afraid the days of bare legs are behind us (until next spring, at least) here in the NYC area. But, I know I’ll be able to bring out my skirts and dresses sans tights when I go to Tampa for Thanksgiving.

I bought this skirt last year and wore it at least once on the blog, almost exactly a year ago! It’s a great skirt and I was happy to see that J. Crew Factory brought it back. (One of my favorite things about J. Crew Factory is that they bring back J. Crew favorites from years past.)

Bell Sleeve Shirt

The skirt is a great way to incorporate plaid without being too ~holiday~ or without looking like a school uniform. (Although, for the record, I have no issue with either 😂) I usually wear it with navy tops, but I love how the white brightens it up a bit.

Ruffle-front-mini-skirt-in-double-serge-wool Plaid Ruffle Skirt  Ruffle-front mini skirt in double-serge wool

Grosgrain Ribbon

This picture reminds me… I’m getting my hair cut while I’m home. I have yet to find a hairdresser up here and pretty much only trust our family friend down in Tampa! I got my hair cut once out of desperation while I was in Connecticut (versus waiting until I was home) and it was a horrible cut– I instantly regretted it. So anyway, I’m leaning towards just a trim (my ends need at least that), but I’m toying with the idea of doing another big chop! People always recommend that I get bangs because of my big forehead 😂, but I have curly/frizzy hair and one ounce of moisture in the air leads to a mess. Bangs would be a nightmare to manage.

Big chop, small trim… hmmm…

Carly the Prepster

Shirt (also similar) // Plaid Skirt // Similar Flats (also these!) // Tote

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Getting bangs was my best hair-related decision ever! I think it comes from my insecurity regarding my huge forehead… I wish it wasn’t such an issue for me because now I feel like I’ll never be able to make a big haircut change!


Something to remember while you’re trying to decide about whether to get a small trim or a big chop, is that hair will always grow back. And, FWIW (not much, I’m sure ;)), I do think shorter hair would look great on you.


I have a question! Do you think that the skirts j crew factory brings back are the exact ones j crew has? I actually bought that other plaid one with the flouncy bottom that you had from J Crew and was on factory and I hate how much it bunches in the back…I wonder if that’s just a factory thing though?


Your hair would look SO good at shoulder length. Please please do it!! You could always grow it out if you dont like it, but i really think you will!


Your hair was gorgeous when you chopped it off a couple years back (not that it’s not also gorgeous now)! I vote go shorter! I can never seem to find salons that I like and trust, but for what it’s worth I heard really great things about Fox and Jane when I lived in New York.

Tampa for Thanksgiving sounds amazing. I’m also fleeing the cold to visit my family for some warmer weather, but they’re in Northern California so everything is pretty up in the air at the moment because of the fires.


I think a long bob would look so flattering on you – skip the bangs though, they are more of a hassle than they are worth! I highly recommend Arrojo Studio in NYC (I went there when I lived in the city) or for curly/wavy hair, the Devachan salons are great!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I feel like there was only a week of perfect autumn chill, bounded by hot summer days and freezing autumnal ones. There are some mid-length dresses and skirts I haven’t gotten as much wear out of as I would have liked, so I’ll definitely be pairing those with tights these next few weeks, before it gets too cold for even that! // Your skirt + that shopfront = ultimate festive vibes! <3 // I love changing up my hairstyle. I usually let it grow out really long, and then I chop all of it off to shoulder-length or shorter :3 It's just hair, and it'll grow back out anyway! I'm kinda curious to see how you look with short hair 😀 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Kristen from Pugs & Pearls

Love this outfit! Your hair looks so beautiful long, but I understand wanting a big change. I’m on the never ending roller coaster of big chop-grow it out-big chop-grow it out. I’m in the growing out stage right now, so I think I’m partial to that!

Ally R

Chop it off!! I had hair long like yours for about 10 years. I chopped it off to right below the collar bone. Best thing I have every done! I’ll never go back.


If you’re looking for a hairdresser and willing to travel a little bit in Jersey, check out Bliss by Teri in Morris Plains and ask for Kat! She’s the only person I trust with my hair!


I think I would just do a trim right now and then in the new year if you want to do a big chop then do it! That way you’ll see how it is without the summer humidity making it more frizzy (if that’s an issue for you like it is for me)! And-if you like it, you could keep it through the summer and have a cooler haircut for the warm summer days (and by the time fall/winter comes it’ll be longer again to keep you warm)! I think you can pull off any length and your hair is so pretty!


You could do both ! a bang and a big trim, that would look so chic on you 🙂 The secret is brazilian hair straightening treatment, or better yet, the french hair straightening treatment which last longer and doesn’t have any
formaldehyde in it and actually help the hair. I did one last month and it is totally life changing !
PS : I might sounds like it, but I’m not sponsored promise haha ^^