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Adulting Gifts

I know this seems like such a boring gift guide… but I know a lot of you are in the same boat that I am. My sister, who turns 27 (how?!?!) next month, and I were just talking about how we’re officially old because our idea of perfect gifts are useful things like vacuum cleaners.

Today I put together a list of practical gifts that, while not necessarily “fun,” might be necessary and can make life a little easier.

Adulting Gifts

Vacuum Cleaner // If there’s a #1 “you’re officially old when you ask for a ____” gift, it’s a vacuum cleaner. When my ex-boyfriend and I broke up, the vacuum we had was “his” and overnight I was without a vacuum. I went straight to Target and bought a vacuum that had decent reviews, only for it to break down within two months. (I have a LOT of hair…. 😂) I went straight to Amazon this time around ready to read every page of reviews. I settled on this vacuum based on the reviews. I was nervous because it was one of the more affordable ones (it’s under $70) and I worried that affordable meant “cheap” in this case, but OMG it is the BEST VACUUM EVER. I will tell anyone who will listen how much I love my vacuum. The only downside is that it’s a little heavy, but I promise it’s not overly bulky.

Le Creuset Cast-Iron Dutch Oven // This is the crème de la crème of cookware. I am also so blown away by how versatile a dutch oven is and with this one, you can’t go wrong. Whether you’re building out your first real kitchen or a seasoned pro looking for a great gift idea, this is a no-brainer.

The Defining Decade // I’m a little too old for this, as my “defining decade” is coming to an end soon. But this book is a great guide for navigating your twenties. I gave this to my sister about a year ago and she whipped through it, loving every page.

Monogrammed Luggage // Luggage is a great and practical gift. Maybe in the past, you’ve been able to get away with luggage pieced together or passed down from other people, but I can’t recommend getting a fresh matching set enough. Especially if you travel for work, professional looking luggage is a must. I love this monogrammed set from Mark & Graham (I have the cream), but you may also consider Away luggage, which I’ve heard amazing things about.

Kitchenaid Mixer // Any Kitchenaid mixer makes for a great gift, but how stunning is this anniversary edition?! I already have one of the standard ones, but gosh, is this one drool-worthy!

Electric Toothbrush // I warned you that this wasn’t the most “fun” gift guide!! Nothing says adulthood like a great electric toothbrush in your stocking, am I right?

Monogrammed Bedding // Because I have dogs, I like having multiple sets of duvet covers + sheets so I can alternate through everything while things are cleaned. It also helps them last longer knowing they’re only in rotation half the time.

Fluffy Robe // I bought myself this robe at the very end of last year. No joke, it is one of my favorite things in the world. I love it so much, that I’ve considered packing it in my suitcase so I can have it when I travel. There is no better feeling than getting out of the shower and slipping into one of these robes or throwing it on over pajamas for a cozy movie night on the couch.

Wallet // A basic and simple idea, but one you can’t go wrong with.

Wood and Marble Cloche // This wood and marble cloche is a gorgeous piece for a budding hostess. You don’t need a ton of things to entertain guests, a few simple pieces can elevate your hosting game.

Phillips Hue Lighting Starter Set // I want to switch out all my light bulbs in my office for these Phillips Hue ones. My office has no overhead lights so right now I have four different lamps (and none of the outlets hook up to the switch). I would love to be able to control the lamps/light through smart technology!

Nespresso Maker // This little Nespresso maker would be perfect for any coffee lover! I bought this for my dad one year and he LOVES it…

Pot Sets // Everyone who cooks should have a great set of pots (or at least two amazing and versatile ones). Pots were one of the first things I bought for myself when I moved out of NYC and finally had kitchen storage! Changes your cooking game for sure!!

Block of Knives // Similar to the pots, every kitchen needs a good set of knives. When you have the right knives, cooking gets so much easier.

Organized Tote // A tote that organizes everything (everything) is a must-have for all kinds of professions. From teachers to accountants, this tote has a spot for water bottles, laptops, keys, cell phones, wallets, lipstick… you carry it? There’s a space for it.

Label Maker // I think I’ve wanted a label maker for as long as I’ve known what they are. I mean. Label. Maker. I am actually surprised I don’t have one yet… but I imagine I’d go into a full-blown organizational frenzy.

Winter Coat // A winter coat is probably the most practical gift, especially if you’re moving to a new part of the country or just find that what you have hasn’t been cutting it!

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Nicole McArdle

Such a relatable post. I refer to my Christmas list as “things I would register for if I were engaged…without having to be engaged” haha


I first got a label maker when I was living by myself. My friend lovingly laughed at it said, you live alone and everything is yours – what do you have to label? Um, duh, the 1st I’m labeling is my label maker. Obviously.


We received the knife block as a wedding gift two years ago. I sliced my finger with the bread knife over the weekend, so I can confirm they stay sharp. I also love the Phillips hue lights. I’m all for gifts that are homewares that stand the test of time.


Great Ideas!
Thank you!!!!

I am not sure if you were able to install them in your office or not, but with the Hue lights there is a way to have them all connect to the little system box even if they are all on different switches. The one I have has three different buttons, which you can set up as per choice. Mine allows for all lights to be on, all the ones in the bedroom, or only one bedside lamp. I can also control each one via my phone and also select dimness and colour. All in the click of a button 🙂 . There is much more we can do via the phone, but I haven’t investigated it enough .
Hope they work out great for you!

Kendall H

Lifx Lights are also an option for Smart Lights/Home Automation. Ours are linked to Alexa and Stringify to trigger certain moods, color palates, and times to blink or turn off.


The bathrobe was the best part for me. I love my fluffy hooded bathrobe. Why don’t all bathrobes have hoods?



The Defining Decade is a wonderful book. I read it for my 25th birthday a few years ago and recently started looking through it again. I’m at the end of my twenties, but it is still a lovely read with practical tips for building identity capital and laying out the foundation for a positive future.

Hannahmarie C

My mom just bought this vacuum last week, from amazon, and I seriously haven’t vacuumed so much and enjoyed it! I’m just vacuuming different rooms and rugs in the house just so I can see the dirt collect and use the retractable cord. I’m in total support of this as an *adulting* gift

Southern & Style

I already have a KitchenAid mixer that I love…but I wish I had an excuse to pick up the new one in that beautiful blue shade with that hobnail bowl-so beautiful!

xoxo, SS

Southern and Style


My boyfriend and I just moved in together and for Christmas we are getting ourselves a new, bigger bed (and with it,new bedding)! That monogrammed bedding is the PERFECT set.