Playlist No. 14

It’s been way too long since the last playlist! Honestly, I’ve been putting dumb shows on Netflix on a open tab while I work. It turns into white noise and makes me feel not-so-alone. But then I worked my way through one too many seasons of shows and had no idea what was going on if I did watch for five minutes because it wasn’t like I had been paying attention before. Not normal. I switched back to Pandora and/Spotify and now I’m back to cranking tunes all day long.
These are some of my current favorite songs. An odd little medley, but I kind of love it!
What songs are you listening to on repeat?

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How funny – I just wrote a post today with my current favorites! Right now, I am loving The Scientist by Coldplay, Castle of Glass by Linkin Park, and story of my Life by One Direction.

Rachel C

I love your Playlists. They are the main reason I have a Spotify subscription, and the main thing I listen to at work. You always manage to have e perfect mix of songs I already know and love and new to me songs.

Question – are you going to add the last few playlists to your large combo list? I love that one because I can just start it and it last for several hours without repeating.

Kira T.

great list! I have been listening to "Lorde" station on Pandora nonstop thanks to you! Also the song "Life is Rosy" is really cute and upbeat.


Julia D.

EVERYTHING off Craig Cardiff's newest album "Love is Louder: Part 2," but particularly the song "Lenny Bruce Lee." I think you'd really enjoy him based on our shared musical taste.