Project Sofa with Society Social

I was so excited when my new-to-NYC friend Roxy asked me to participate in her 2014 Project Sofa! Roxy is awesome. You know the phrase “hostess with the mostess”? That was created with Roxy in mind. I mean, she’s the queen of all things events, the master bar-cart-styler, and has one heck of an eye for design. (Doesn’t hurt that she’s also the life of the party!)
Here’s the sofa I designed– you can read my full interview on Society Social’s blog and you can also check out all of the other sofas on Style Me Pretty.
Style Me Pretty and Society Social are giving away a couch. A COUCH. You could have your very own pink couch (or anything! it’s custom!). Sorry for the extreme-enthusiasm over here, but I think that might just be the most amazing thing ever.

A million thanks to Roxy for including me! (Check out her Instagram! She’s so fun!)
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Fairy Princess Jord

I totally saw your feature on pinterest today and I was so excited! I was like "That's Carly, I know her!"…even though I don't actually know you, it just feels like it sometimes because I love your blog so much!


Hey babe! A million thanks for participating 🙂 and for that over the top sparkly write-up!!! Can't wait for Friday– I promise I will be better!!!

Julia D.

I love that you and Roxy are friends. She's definitely not new to NYC or killing it with her biz so I bet you guys will have tons to collab on!