Teddy the Toy Poodle

Oh my! How time has flown!! I really can’t believe how long Teddy’s been in my life. Such a big impact for such a little guy.

Now that Teddy has been here for a good while, we’ve finally settled into a little routine. When I first got him, I definitely had “what was I thinking” moments… Almost every day to be truthful. I couldn’t imagine not having him (he was definitely here to stay), but I did wonder why I had him. Between the potty training and the vet trips and the chewed books (he prefers books to shoes) and the playful and painful bites and nibbles, I just thought I had lost my mind for getting a dog in the first place.

It really was difficult and even more of a challenge because Teddy couldn’t go outside in the city without his third round of vaccines. I was counting down to that trip to the vet. Once we could finally go for walks outside, I think Teddy and I both became a whole lot happier.
He gets to roam the sidewalks of the Upper East Side like a tiny king. The other day, we were out for a long walk on a particularly nice morning and I had this totally at peace feeling. Complete and utter happiness. Pure joy! I was out with my little puppy and had not a care in the world– really, in that moment, it was like nothing else mattered.
This face!
Without really realizing what was happening, Teddy totally changed my life. Originally I thought (… a bit dramatically…) that having a dog would alter my life in a negative way, but the absolute opposite has been true. It took time to get to this point, but getting to this point was oh so worth it.
Teddy is now just over four months old and his personality seriously shines through; he’s funny and incredibly friendly. Sometimes I just look at him and want to laugh. He tries to be as independent as possible, like when he drags his little crate mat around the apartment so he can always be comfortable no matter where he is. But he’s also a nervous little guy who is terrified of staircases.
Walking Teddy, as I’ve mentioned, has been the major turning point. He loves to stop and get little belly rubs from every and anyone. (Old ladies and doormen love him so the UES certainly has no shortage of friends!) We’ve actually met a bunch of other dogs and their owners in the neighborhood, so that’s been such a fun little bonus. I’m definitely not the most naturally outgoing person, so having Teddy there makes talking to neighbors a lot easier.
Teddy is fairly well-behaved, but I honestly have no idea what I’m doing half the time. (I keep my iPad handy and Google things all the time.) PetSmart offered Teddy free puppy training classes– it’s National Training Month!– and I jumped at the opportunity. We’ve gone to one class so far and it was amazing. Great bonding time with Teddy and we worked a few new commands. (Proud dog owner, he already knew how to sit, so he was a star pupil for that part!) Training, I’ve learned, really really really depends on the owner… not the dog. Needless to say, I took notes and have tried my best to implement the things we learned at home, like not jumping up when someone’s at the door.
Overall, I’m just loving these days with Teddy and trying to cherish all of these little puppy things! It’s definitely not 100% easy, but we have definitely crossed over to the “easier” side of things. 
PS Don’t forget to follow Teddy’s adventures on Instagram… Maybe I’m a bit partial, but I think he’s the cutest. (I mean this video…. and this one?! Ah!!)
PPS If you need a groomer on the Upper East Side, go to to Doggie Do and Playtime Too. They were amazing with Teddy and fixed a really bad haircut.
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ashley johnson

My parents have a 10 year old toy poodle and he is the sweetest thing! Has the funniest personality! When I go home to visit he has a jumping/screaming attack and I love it!

Olivia Stieren

He is too adorable and I'm counting down the days until my schedule is steady enough to get a puppy! I've always wanted a small dog and a toy poodle, bichon, or yorkie is what I'm looking into. Your posts about Teddy inspire me but also are realistic about what it's like to have a brand new puppy, so thank you for that!


Teddy is so cute. I sometimes think about getting a dog, but it seems like so much work. I'm also not home that much so a dog wouldn't get much attention right now.

The Yuppie Files

Puppy training was the best- totally changed our comfort level in how we were doing as dog owners. Can't say our dog was perfect, she's 2 1/2 & only does her commands when she knows you are holding treats in your hand. Hopefully Teddy doesn't pay that much attentions and will be better behaved!

Queen City Proper

So happy for you!! I too am now a total dog person and feel utter peace and joy walking my mini australian shepherd Piper (@pipertheminiaussie is her insta!). I can forget the world at the dog park watching her run and I am thankful for her every day!!