Ribbons and Curls

I haven’t worn a bow in years, but I simply couldn’t resist tying a little grosgrain ribbon in my hair as I ran out the door this morning. Maybe it was the return of frigid temperatures or a case of the Sunday blues, but I just needed a little something extra in my hair!
Curls courtesy of the Dry Bar 3-Day Bender, a miracle worker for long locks.

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This blog makes me so happy. I'm finally embracing my inner prepster! Keep it up I love reading and getting wonderful ideas and solutions! Knowing that someone that always looks so put together and fashionable has everyday problems like me gives me hope. You da bomb.

Mallory Crandlemire

Love the curls! I wish you would do more YouTube videos- like a 'getting ready with me' for day/night/weekend. You always look so put together so I'd love to know your routine!!

Elle Hawthorne

Gorgeous curls! I went through an overkill-tweeny-bow stage (don't we all…) so I've strayed away from them for the past few years, but I LOVE the way you pull it off! So classy.