Warby Parker Try-On

It’s no secret that I love a good pair of eyeglasses. I tend to keep a pair next to my bed, another on my desk, a few in random handbags and totes, and generally one that’s gone rogue somewhere in my apartment only to be found wedged between a forgotten magazine and the sofa cushion.
Last week, I went to Warby Parker in SoHo (my favorite location) to try on a few. You know, I was just in the mood for a new pair! Fred came along to take photos to document the little adventure. (Warby Parker also has an at-home try-on service if you’re not near a store!) But… if you’re ever in NYC… you absolutely must swing by.
Shop some of my favorite Warby Parker eyeglasses below.
Which ones should I get?!

Photography by F.E. Castleberry
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I like the cute round black ones in the 5th photo down. I don't know if you are considering those but I think they are so adorable and a little different!

C. Noh

Holcomb! Love the vintage feel and the cat eye. I also picked up a pair of the Seymour in Tennessee Whiskey the other day at the Meatpacking location. WP is the best!


I love Warby Parker. I used to have to spend $600 on glasses, so I was so glad when my friend told me about them. I have a regular pair, and prescription sunglasses from them.

haley hoewt

You are just too precious! I have about the same shaped face as you and i am just a sucker for cat-eyed glasses–sophisticated and playful. The Holcomb glasses are adorable on you!

Eleanor Rhodes

Carly, you are such a good looking girl and the glasses you tried on look super good on you but please, please get a pair of new shoes. Running shoes only look good on runners. They ruin your whole cute look 🙁 If you want something sporty try Converse or Vans.


They are all amazing! I guess I wouldn't be unable to pick just one pais 🙂 They all look fab on you. I only have one pair of glasses right now, but after this post I'm ready to invest in more 🙂

xx Ivana

Macarons and Pearls

Kira T.

great look with great glasses! I might have to invest in a new set of frames … or two.:)

xo, Kira


I absolutely LOVE warby parker. I've bought three pairs from them. Not only are the glasses super cute, the customer service is awesome! I've never been to a store location though, I'll have to stop by the store next time I'm in NY.


I would go for the Holcomb frames. They look so different from the other pairs, and from what you wear currently! That being said, don't think there is a bad pair in the bunch. You look great in all of them! 🙂


I really like the next to last pair, in the picture where you're looking in the mirror. I love my Warby Parker glasses and loved the home try-on. I may have to do an outfit post in my specs one day!