Pottery Barn Small Spaces

Even though I dream of having a big house one day, I love living in an apartment right now. I can call down to the office when something breaks. I don’t have to worry about landscaping. And it’s pretty convenient to have a trash shoot right down the hall. Oh, and there’s way less to clean! Since it’s just me and the pups, it’s nice to have a small space!

I’m partnering with Pottery Barn on this post for their small spaces collection; it’s perfect for maximizing your space with great style. The collection has great pieces that have either slim profiles or double uses. This sleeper sofa is genius (and looks super comfortable), and I really love this lift coffee table!

Oxford Stripe Recycled Yarn Indoor Outdoor Rug

Most of my furniture is already from Pottery Barn. You can’t go wrong with timeless style and the high quality. I focused on my kitchen for this post. When you think of small houses or small apartments, the one thing that you’re guaranteed to have is a small kitchen. My kitchen in Connecticut is significantly larger than the one I had in NYC, but it’s still on the tiny side.

I added this vertical striped rug, and it instantly made the kitchen look deeper. I’m all about that optical illusion!

Small Space Kitchen

Because it’s an indoor/outdoor rug, it’s extra durable. And it’s even reversible, so it has twice the wearability. I had toyed with the idea of putting a rug in the kitchen after being inspired from Pinterest, and I’m so glad I did. When I used to cook, the dogs would stay in the living room, and now they curl up on the rug! It’s so cute!

Pottery Barn Striped Rug

Striped Rug

Pottery Barn Kitchen RugOne thing about having a small space, and a small kitchen, is that entertaining can feel daunting. I haven’t done too much, but I’ve been feeling inspired lately. I don’t think it has to be a huge to-do either. I’ve invited friends over for brunch after working out. It’s super casual, and no one (seriously no one) cares if things aren’t perfect. I’m not able to have a full blown party at my apartment, but I can pull off an intimate dinner with friends.

Pottery Barn Small Spaces

I bought this Pottery Barn table when I first moved in because it opens up into a full table. This table is another amazing option for a small space. It has plenty of room for storage baskets underneath, folds down to a compact size, and opens up to a great little table. I wish I had had it in my NYC apartment– it would have been perfect! And this bistro table is a cute option if you need something tiny and chic.

I also have these tufted chairs. I use them as desk chairs and a chair in my bedroom, but when I have people over I pull them out for the table!


Items in the post:

Striped Rug (c/o) // Lobster Dish Towel // Table // Chairs //  Table Runner // Napkins

Check out the small spaces collection! (And moms– furniture makes an amazing graduation gift if your grad is moving into their first real apartment!) Below are some of my top picks:

Photos by Courtney Ann Photography

Thank you Pottery Barn for sponsoring this post!

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Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

I love the ladder desk, though I think I would need more desk space if I want to do some heavy duty work 😛 // Teddy Ham are way too cute. All the coordination with the blue gingham handkerchiefs, the blue striped rug, and blue striped shoes (with a bow of course)! // I love the table against the wall. At my current apartment (which I’m only staying in for the duration of college), we have a rectangular IKEA table that we’ve pushed up against the dining room wall under a window, so it’s almost like a sort of bar. But if we have guests over, we pull out the table so that we can seat people all around it! // The compass rose is a nice piece of decor! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Jordana @WhiteCabana

Your place looks bright and inviting. The expanding dining table is perfect for a small space. And those pups – so darn cute!
p.s. Going to consider that bike rack. Looks affordable and functional.


Your space looks so cozy and calming 🙂 and that outfit is so cute! From where did you get the top and jeans?
Love you and your blog !


I really love this rug! Such a pretty way to dress up a space. I also love your shoes!


Pottery barn is my absolute favorite! I know this post is about furniture but I have to say I love your outfit, so classic!


I am in love with having storage under the dining table! I just moved into a new apartment and am in the market for dining furniture…these look super tempting, especially the way you have styled everything!