Draper James x Jack Rogers Sandals

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday weekend. It’s supposed to be gorgeous out here, so the dogs and I will be spending as much time as possible outside. I’m also hoping to get my closet turned over (it’s a major task!) and maybe some good reading if I’m lucky!

Just wanted to share the most adorable collaboration. These Draper James x Jack Rogers sandals are so cute I can’t take it. I kind of wanted them all, to be honest, but decided to get the gingham!

Draper James Gingham Jack Rogers

Gingham Jack Rogers Draper James Seersucker Jack Rogers

Seersucker Jack Rogers Hello Darling Jack Rogers

Hello Darlin’ Jack Rogers 

PS I also sadly had to replace my favorite pair of plain white Jacks. I’ve had them since 2006 so they’ve had a good run… Sad to see my trusty pair go, but excited for a fresh start!

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These are SO cute!! You should video tape your closet flip!!! Miss your youtube channel uploads…like a lot! 🙂 Please upload again!


So cute. I’m with you on the switching the closet over. I’m doing the same thing today. Quite the task.

Southern & Style

The hello darlin’ ones are calling my name! My husband sings me the Conway Twitty song by the same name all the time, so it’s a sweet memory 🙂

xoxo, SS

Southern And Style


Hi, do you find that Jacks require a lot of breaking in? I have had my first pair for about two years and still do not find them very comfortable. I wear them short distances only but I have heard great things about them. I did a little online research and some suggested dunking them in the ocean. Yikes! I live only ten minutes from the Pacific so it is accesable, but I haven’t wanted to risk it. Any suggestions? Thanks!!