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Hope everyone had a great week. I have two funny stories to share from this week…

The first was during my workout class. I’m obsessed with it. It’s an hour long class, and it flies by. (I shared our stretch routine last week!) There’s a handful of regulars that attend every week, and then a few extra people drop in. Most days there are eight to ten of us and on a small day only six. On Wednesday, I was warming up on the treadmill, looking around and not seeing a single “regular.” Susannah, the trainer, walked over at 11 am, and we both were like, “Where is everyone?” I was the only one who showed up!!! So I had a private training session, which was 5x harder than the class. (Thanks, Susannah….)

And then yesterday I had to bring the dogs in for a vet appointment. Just a regular check up and they get a couple of vaccines each. Normally they take the dogs in the back for the shots, but this time around they did it right in the room. With two technicians, one vet, two dogs, and me in a small room, it was a claustrophobic situation to start. Please note, I hate needles and cry (to this day) every time I have to get a shot. The vet, who is super nice and I love him, was waving around the needle as he explained where he was going to put this one and that one in the dogs. I started feeling queasy thinking about that needle. I heard him asking, “Umm, are you feeling okay?!” And then next thing I know, I’m on the ground. Now, I do faint very easily, so it’s not a huge deal. I thought it was pretty funny once I started to feel better. And they made a note on the pups’ files to not give shots in front of me anymore, hah!

Here’s what has been on my radar this week!

ONE // Tuckernuck’s April Edit

Tuckernuck just launched their April list. I’m obsessed with their roundups and always get the best outfit inspiration from them. I especially love this bathing suit!

TWO // Disney-Inspired Wedding Toast

It’s a little bit long, but this Disney-inspired wedding toast, done by the two sisters of the bride, is 100% worth a watch. They sing beautifully and honestly, it’s just so creative!

THREE // Slime!

Have you guys seen this slime trend that kids are doing these days? (My sister and I made our fair share of slime back in the day, but with cornstarch. This Borax stuff seems so much more legit!) It sounds so lame, but I can’t seem to stop watching videos of the slime. This one teen started an Etsy shop of slime, and his Instagram account is mesmerizing.

FOUR // La La Land Proposal

Okay, so I thought that this high schooler’s “promposal” to Emma Stone was incredible. (If you’ve seen La La Land, you know how spot on it is!) But the fact that he also looks like Ryan Gosling just killed me! And I thought he was so articulate and sweet in the TV interview too.

FIVE // Ice Cream Cones for a Squirrel

If this doesn’t say “Happy Friday!” then I don’t know what does! This little squirrel is now a regular at an ice cream shop in North Carolina, and he even gets a personalized ice cream cone when he shows up.

PS Today is the last day of the Shopbop sale! I bought a new pair of Hunter boots and this bow top!

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That’s hilarious about fainting while your dogs got their shots (glad you’re ok!). Your pups were probably like, ‘what’s wrong with her? These shots are no big deal’ Happy weekend! XO

Southern & Style

Oh my goodness at the fainting story! I worked a veterinary office all throughout high school & early college and I saw many interesting things…but I never saw one of the humans faint! I bet that your vet will never forget you now for sure!

xoxo, SS

Southern And Style