PREP TALK :: New and Improved

Prep Talk is new and improved ladies and gentlemen!  (Do gentlemen besides Soccer Dad even read this???)
The collaboration began this summer, and we’re finally ready to roll out the brand spanking new design.  Nico and Lala are truly graphic geniuses.  I mean, seriously, they’re brilliant.  They gave me tons of options to choose from and basically could read my mind.  It’s exactly what I had in mind.  I love them!!!
That’s the new header!
(I think Nico, Lala, and myself were all surprised I didn’t pick the pink and green versions.)
Be sure to check out the issue tonight (sign up here).  It’s releasing at 7pm so check those inboxes!
Oh, and guess what.  The newness doesn’t end with just the design.  The Prep Squad has undergone some moving and shaking.
Want to meet the new Prep Squad?
Tariro of Peppermint + Ivy.  You may remember that Tariro won the Polyvore and vineyard vines tote contest this summer.  I was so impressed with her knack for putting together super cute outfits.  She’s a great addition to Prep Talk.  (Also, her outfit for tonight matches the new design… and she didn’t even know!)
Little Miss from How I Met Your Father is taking over the relationship advice!  (Definitely not my personal forte!!!)  I’ve been reading HIMYF for a long long long time, so I’m even more excited to have LM on board with us!
Emily from Stylish.Classy.Creative is curating some really great recipes for Prep Talk readers.  The recipe tonight looks really good… so good, in fact, that I’m desperately hunting around campus for someone to bake it for me!
And, last but not least…
Lauren from  She is the newest new member of the Prep Squad!  Lauren is totally, totally, totally an expert in all things beauty products.  Again, not my forte.  I can’t wait to read about (and buy!) all the products she suggests!
Thank you again NICO AND LALA.  The design is so amazing and so Prep Talk!
PS Have you been on Nico and Lala’s website recently?  It’s new too!

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