In the Closet

Closets are like the scariest thing when you think about dorm rooms.  You’re never sure what you’re going to get… and how you’re going to fit it all in there.
I divide all my clothes into “Phases.”  Currently, I only have Phase 1 & 2 with me at school.  Basically, these phases will get me through October.  Just barely into “chillier” weather.  Phase 3 & 4 are mild and heavy winter clothing and necessary shoes.
I also try (I really really really do try) to not bring that much stuff.  It’s one thing to have it all up here, and it’s another to try to coordinate getting it out.  Especially, when I have zero clue on when/where I’m moving after I graduate.
Shoe organizers are pretty much required.  Belts, hats, and scarves fit well in the mesh pockets too.

Having two bars is a-ma-zing.  Can you tell… I even have a bit of room!!!
What are your organization tips for small closet spaces?

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Ashley M.

This is fabulous! I am amazed that you were able to make such great use of a dorm closet! I was never able to master that 🙂



When I lived in a dorm I made use of shoe racks, clothing racks, shelves and expandable hangers! Also under-bed storage was a must!


A huge under the bed person, I love containers that make up for height in width, to me this works much better than those vacuum seal bags. All out of season go under the bed. I don't live in a dorm room but an apartment in Manhattan that doesn't cost 1million dollars a month is pretty much the equivalent.


How come I can't get that organized?! I think it's because I have mounds of sweatshirts and t-shirts that accumulate over the year and I feel bad throwing them out…I want a shoe organizer but my closet is walk-in with no door…no where to hang it! UGH!


Does not having a closet at all count as a small closet? I live for those under the bed storage containers. I also coordinate my clothes by season and switch them out when appropriate.

I also follow the 6 month rule for things that you can wear year round. If I haven't worn it in 6 months, I donate it to keep clutter down.


I also use under the bed drawers- even now, 10 years after living in a dorm! I just changed over my summer clothes to fall/winter clothes and its stressful! My closets are small too but you're right -having 2 bars is a lifesaver!


Nice closet! I just realized that you have soooo many nice skirts! Can you show them all in another post and tell how you buy skirts because I never can find cute ones that are school appropriate. Please help!


your closet is AMAZING compared to mine….i have to jam all my clothes in, its so tiny! love the organization tips!


I am SO impressed… although of course not surprised, miss organized! 🙂 Seriously swooning over your shoe collection, LOVE those Kate Spade Tipsy flats (obviously love neons and neutrals) and those black pumps with the white flower, those look very Kate Spade-y too!


Its a wonderful closet but I have one BIG problem. keeping your shoes so close to your clothes isn't good for the clothes or for you. Shoes carry lots of germs that can easily transfer over to your clothes and get you sick. If you can you should keep your shoes under your bed or on a rack near the door. I'd keep shoes as far away from your clothes/ shoes as possible.


Shoe organizers were my favorite when I have little space. I had one of the back of my door filled with make up and supplies like that. Very handy!