Trail Blazing

My blazer collection has grown significantly since the summer.  I really can’t tell you how amazing I believe blazers to be.  I can’t think of any outfit that they can’t improve!!!
I have various blazers from different places, but lately J. Crew has been knocking it out of the park.  (Is anyone else’s bank accounts veryyyy mad right now?)
The School Boy Blazer is fantastic.  All colors, all weights.  Fantastic.
I got this blazer for my birthday.  Let me tell you… I LOVE IT!!!  It’s going to be perfect for fall and winter!  Eep!

(I’m such a sucker for elbow patches!)
Loving the camel and grey as well.  The wool is so perfect for chilly D.C. weather.

Who else is stocking up on J. Crew schoolboy blazers?

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Rachel @ Just Peachy

I started working at J.Crew earlier this year and the navy blazer was the very first thing I bought with my discount. I had to. It was begging me to take it home! I still haven't taken the tags off since it has been too warm but I can't wait to wear it within the next few months. 🙂

Instead I wore a lightweight blazer from F21 this weekend! There's an OOTD post with it up on my blog!



I brought my little cousins that I nannied all summer into JCrew while on a FroYo field trip and pointed out the houndstooth schoolboy blazer. They ended up surprising me with it as an end of the summer gift! It's getting chilly up here in Connecticut so I somewhat jumped the gun and wore it today for business cas. So many compliments! Everyone should treat themselves to a great blazer!


It's still really (really) (really, really) warm down here in Miami. Fall for us just signals the most active part of hurricane season.

I was going to buy the blazer in navy, but I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of it and the store down here doesn't carry them. 🙁

A really lightweight blazer is definitely on my list. I brought out my older ones and they're about 3 sizes too big.

Katherine Diane

I also got the navy schoolboy blazer, but have not been able to wear it yet because it is just too darn hot. I am looking forward to some cooler weather so I can finally break it in!

Katherine @

Anna H

I would DIE for that camel blazer. So gorgeous! I love a good blazer – I completely agree about its ability to transform any outfit. My favorite is actually from Charlotte Russe, and has sweatshirt material on the inside. Not super professional, but so comfortable for class!