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On one hand, I’m kind of glad Pinterest wasn’t around when I was heading off to college. How I wanted to decorate my dorm was largely imagined from what I saw on Facebook. But on the other hand, when I saw the perfectly decorated dorm rooms, I really wished I had done the same thing. I always felt like I was living in a dorm, instead of a cozy room I could call “home.”

Dorm Room Lilly Pulitzer

My roommate and I coordinated our bedding for our freshman year dorm room.

Picking out cute bedding is as far as I could (can) get on my own. After college, I enlisted the help of Havenly to spruce up my NYC apartment. And when I moved to Connecticut, I used Havenly’s design services again for help with my living room design.

They have a new service right now for decorating dorm rooms and, um, the designs are perfect. You take a little quiz and it helps you determine your dorm room style. Then you receive your results and a way to shop the room on two different budgets. I seriously wish this had been around when I was in college… big time. I think this would be great to do with your roommate so you two can coordinate and maybe find a happy balance between two or one that works for both of you. (And moms, this is a great place to look if your sons have no interest and you need a good starting point as the masculine designs are great too!)

Two of my favorite dorm room designs below. (I’m sure they’ll come as no surprise at all!)

Dorm Room Design Services


Preppy Dorm Room


You can also just search through the various room personalities and pick the one that fits your style the best.

Thank you Havenly for sponsoring this post!

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With all the time to study dear, how could you manage a blog ?????????


I did too! Way back in 2008. I got so excited when I saw that first picture haha. I still love that bedding!


Oh my gosh, this is going to sound so random, but seeing the alarm clock in your dorm just gave me major throwbacks! I remember having the same one!


This…is amazing. I’m out of college and married now, but decided to take the quiz just for fun. I wish I wouldn’t have because I want to buy EVERYTHING! I got “The Social Butterfly” and I literally love every single item. Thanks for sharing this!