Nantucket for the Day

Get ready for Nantucket photo overload!

This weekend was one of the best ones ever. My family flew into town Thursday night and we went out to a late dinner (complete with giant cones of gelato and lobster tacos). The four of us packed up my car to head up to our friends’ house on the Cape.

The last time I was there was to surprise my bestie after she had foot surgery. And, of course, we had something up our sleeves this time, too. Janelle and Nicole planned a surprise 35th anniversary party for their parents. My family, particularly my parents, were the “decoy.” I can’t even tell you how nervous and frantic we were getting ready on Saturday and then how hilarious and amazing the big surprise was! More on that later.

The eight of us decided to take the ferry over to Nantucket early Sunday morning to spend the day there before heading back for a casual dinner back at their house. It was my sister and parents’ first time and we had a blast. Honestly, all of us could have a great time if we were in the middle of nowhere, but it doesn’t hurt to be somewhere as gorgeous as Nantucket.

Nantucket Wharf

Even though we had the party the night before, we had zero problems getting out the door quite early to catch the ferry. We took the fast ferry, too, so we could squeeze as much as possible before we had to head back.

KJP Scalloped Oxford Shirt Dress

Wearing: KJP Scalloped Oxford Dress // Jack Rogers // Sunglasses // Leather Belt

The moms took their dear old sweet time popping in and out and in and out of every single store. The dads found benches every block or so to sit and chat. And the girls and I did some shopping and exploring on our own too. (I think collectively we took a ridiculous number of photos of all the hydrangeas.)

College Prepster SisterHaving my sister in town was extra fun. I wish she’d move up here… Hope you guys caught our Q&A on Snapchat. We couldn’t stop laughing!!!

Nantucket Cottage

The day trip really got me excited for more trips out there. I have two more trips planned and I’m going to try to make one or two more happen before fall.

Peter Beaton Hat Studio

The girls and I popped into Peter Beaton’s hat studio to try on some hats. I ended up falling in love with one and couldn’t leave without it, and seersucker and gingham ribbons for it. In fact, I walked right out of the store wearing it.

Nantucket Flag

Peter Beaton Official Nantucket Hat

Golden Retriever Puppy

Kiel and Sarah were also on Nantucket with their new puppy Bennie. I couldn’t handle the sweet puppy cuteness! She is the cutest and we obviously had to plan a playdate for our dogs.

KJP Puppy Nantucket Hydrangea Nantucket Day Trip

The whole group! Ugh. Leaving was so, so hard. This was the second time that everyone was able to get together this year, but it still doesn’t feel like enough time!!!

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Tracy Schwartz

Love the hat!

My family used to rent a house every summer in Oak Bluffs on Martha’s Vineyard. Miss those days. And the flowers! Always the flowers.


Beautiful photos! Carly, what is the fit of this dress like? True to size? Size up or down? With buttons, it’s always hard to tell how things will fit.

Jen Kessler

I want to get out to Nantucket so bad!! All of these pictures just make it look like the most charming town! I need to find a West Coast version for myself.


I love the denim halter dress! Do you have info on where I can find it?
Thank you!