Surprise Party

As I mentioned in today’s first post, the real motive behind our Cape Cod trip was to help my friends throw their parents a surprise anniversary party. There are no words for how perfect it ended up being. The whole day was a blur in preparation, but it ended up going off without a hitch. And we made the 8:15 am ferry to Nantucket the next morning.



The Driscolls have the cutest little bug that they drive around the Cape. We took it out for a spin on Sunday night and caught the very tail end of the sunset.

So I filmed a little bit to put together a video of the trip. I hope you guys can bear with me a little bit as I get better at filming and editing (and talking to the camera). I really need to just keep practicing and I’m realizing the hardest part is remembering to film! Once we got on the ferry to go back to the cape, I pretty much completely forgot about taking videos, so everything stops at 3:45 pm. Doesn’t make for the greatest ending, but c’est la vie. (Also I think I could make an entire video just of my mom dancing and laughing ?)

If you feel so inclined, like the video and subscribe to my page! I’m just getting my feet wet into videos, but I will definitely be doing more video content in the future!


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LOVE the videos! I’m going to Charleston this weekend and am planning on taking videos so I can try my hand at one!


I LOVE Stacys dress where is it from? Also, great videos and new website Carly :)!


LOVED the music in the video (and the video itself, obviously), but my Shazam didn’t want to work. Is there any way you can comment what songs were used?

Kiley Kudrna

I teared up when the parents finally arrived! I’m going to try to do something similar for my parents. Thanks for the inspiration!


Such a fun video! My sister and I tried to throw a surprise 30th anniversary party for my parents (under the disguise of a surprise birthday party for their friend) and my dad showed up while we were setting up to say he wouldn’t be able to make it because of work. #Fail! He got surprised a little early… and did stick around to surprise our mom!


Amazing video. Am heading to Nantucket in a few weeks and was wondering where you managed to find your Nantucket red sweatshirt from ?