Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

This is my last Ireland post, I promise. I had this post queued up and then I forgot about it and then it kind of disappeared when I switched the site over. That said, I think I saved the best for last. The Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge was one of my top three stops during the entire trip. If you’re making your way to Ireland, I would definitely not skip over Northern Ireland.

We lucked out with the weather and had a gorgeous morning crossing the rope bridge and exploring the grounds. The light was surreal and the water was crystal clear.

Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

So I kind of thought the rope bridge would be a lot longer. I was a little disappointed when I saw it from a distance. “That’s it?” I thought. But then you get closer and you start realizing just how high up the bridge is from the water. I just wanted to scoot across it as fast as possible. The views on the other side were ridiculously worth it.

Ireland Rope Bridge

I recommend getting to the rope bridge earlier in the day– there weren’t too many people there when we got there and it made crossing the bridge a lot more fun without having to wait in too long of a line.


UNREAL. Right?! I know it’s hard to believe but the pictures barely do it justice! The birds were having a field day flying every which way, enjoying the weather and blue skies.

Northern Ireland Rope Bridge

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So once we on the other side of the bridge, there was a few cliffs and ledges to explore. I was terrified of the edge though. At one point Garrett’s shoe slipped because the grass was wet and, while he was quite a way from the actual edge, I freaked out. Like, I legitimately pictured him going right off the edge and then I almost threw up from nerves. When that happened I was really pretty ready to cross back over to the other side!!

Northern Ireland Walking Across the Rope Bridge

Gal Meets Glam

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And that’s a wrap on the Ireland posts! Every time I see a photo from the trip, I get a little pang in my heart. I can’t wait to return. It’s such a special place!!!

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Looks unbelievable! All of your Ireland pics have been stunning and I can’t wait to book a trip myself! xx Audrey

Monica Pendlington

Um, I’m not sure who decided that this should be your last Ireland post but they should be fired. The pictures are wonderful; the colors are amazing.

And it’s funny, the older I get, the more afraid of heights I am. I’ve jumped out of a plane for goodness sake but now I kind of get anxiety being too high anywhere.


I’ve just discovered this blog. I’m so glad that people see the beauty of Northern Ireland. I went up there to the rope bridge last summer and was blown away by how amazing the view is and the perfect color of the water. Love this blog too.


This pictures look so gooood. I wish i could go there instead of going to summer school. I need to write an essay now, but instead of that i`m just looking at this beauty. Should i just find someone who can write my essay instead of me?