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This week was really hard to get into after such an amazing weekend. While I do love to get back into a routine, I had the best time with my family and our friends on the Cape. Seriously, friends like the Driscolls are what make life extra sweet.

KJP Scalloped Dress

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // The Hills 10th Anniversary Special 

I can’t believe it’s been ten years since The Hills first aired. (The crazier part is that means Laguna Beach was even earlier!!) I’ve loved watching Lauren Conrad’s career take off post-television, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for her special. The video preview looks soooo good. All the juicy details we’ve been waiting to here!

TWO // New Gilmore Girls Series

While we’re talking about television reunions, have you seen the teaser for the Gilmore Girls four-part series on Netflix? I have high hopes for it– it looks like they did a great job recapturing the perfect GG formula.

THREE // Barbour x Wedgwood

Barbour always does the best collaborations but I think this Wedgwood one might be my favorite. Navy and blue floral?! Count me in. The four-piece collection is offered exclusively on Tuckernuck’s website right now. (You can preorder the styles now and they officially drops September 1.)  You can read more about the collab on T&C.

FOUR // Kristen Bell: Stardom on Her Terms

After Kristen Bell’s sloth surprise on Ellen I didn’t think I could love her more. This interview is amazing. She seems so down to earth and sweet. A great woman, mother, actor, and wife.

FIVE // 21 Tweets You’ll Understand If You Love Target

One word here: YES! Guys, I love a good Target run and I related a little too well to this Buzzfeed article, hehe!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!! (Can’t believe it’s the last of July!)

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Tracy Schwartz

Ok best Black Friday special is the Gilmore Girls revival. I also love how Lauren Graham mentioned the father missing and how it will be relevant.

Yes to the Hills! I still blast Natasha B “unwritten” from time to time! Love LC and Lo!

Have a great weekend!


That photo is so adorable, Carly. I fell in love when I saw it on Instagram earlier today and my heart melts every time I see it.

I’m also excited about The Hills anniversary special. I didn’t watch Laguna Beach, I found out about the show later on when watching The Hills. I admire Lauren Conrad so much. She managed to have a serious career in fashion and make herself respected after being on a reality show. I’m really happy for her because it’s something difficult to achieve.


Have you seen the Chelsea Handler video about “My Turn”? It’s amazing! Highly recommend. 🙂


I am just finding out about the Hills special! So excited!!!
I’m a huge post-hills Lauren Conrad fan. Her blog is amazing and what inspired me to start my own lifestyle blog. Can’t wait to see her side of the story.

Tori A.

That Buzzfeed article is too funny! I could spend hours in Target looking at stationery!

Tori A. from Prep For A Day


This is completely unrelated to this post, but I saw that you tweeted about Bug Juice the other day and I have been completely addicting to re-watching the episodes this week! SO good!