Tote Roundup

I hate to say these words, but school is just around the corner… and first jobs, and internships, and fall. Which makes it the perfect time for a new tote. As much as I love my purses, I’m such a sucker for a good tote bag. Even though I mostly work from home, totes are crucial when I travel into the city slash when I need to create a “mobile office.”

I rounded up the best totes I could find:


Totes for College

Robinson Large Zip Tote // League Stripe Tote Bag // Cedar Street Harmony

Navy Milan Reversible Tote // Boat and Tote // Toffee Isabella Item Tote

York Buckle Tote // Navy Tori Tote // Reversible Faux Leather Tote (under $50)

Mansur Gavriel Leather Tote

Cedar Street Jensen // Finn Open Canvas // Faux Leather Tote (under $35)

O-Ring Bucket Bag // Monogrammed Everyday Leather Tote // Canvas and Leather Tote

Transport Leather Tote // Ravin Tote (under $60) // Large Longchamp

Which one is your fave?!

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Mia Murillo

love a good tote! not sure if you have seen ivanka trump’s soho tote collection, but they are incredible! great compartment wise & look stunning.


I love the navy Kate Spade one! I probably won’t get a new tote until after graduation in December but it’s one that I have been eying.



Love this post! I’ve been looking for a new note and the navy Milan one might be the pick!

Buyer beware of the Tory Buckle tote, I got it for myself with my first ‘real job’ pay check post grad as a splurge and have been disappointed that I’ve had to send it back to Tory Burch twice now due to faulty handles.


There’s serious tote envy going on at Dagne Dover. From recently reaching the 1 year mark in my #girlboss phase of life, I’ve notice that having a bag with ample amount of space for laptop, tech accessories, planner, notebook, pencil bag, etc. is crucial! And! having the special pockets to locate everything fast.

My mind is all over Dagne Dover to make that happen!


What backpack do you use? Im looking for a backpack thats just as cute as the totes but still is a sturdy backpack


I’ve been using a large Longchamp since my freshman year of college, but I’ve been eyeing the transport tote in the English saddle color for a while. Probably going to ask for one for Christmas 🙂

Alexa |


Love ALL of these! I’m a sucker for anything Kate Spade, but I think my favorite is the Large Longchamp. I usually use backpacks for school, but since I’m graduating from college in May I’ve been looking for good “adult” tote bags that I can start using in grad school and at internships! I’ll definitely have to add the Longchamp to the list.


I’m goint to university in september, soo I’m searching for a good bag, this is a great post for some inspiration! Thankss (:


There are just too many to chose from. I have a couple from LL Bean that have held up and look brand new from my freshman year in college (6 years ago!). But I think I want to go with something a litttttle different now.
Maria l From the South


I love love love my Longchamp le pliage tote. It’s PERF for school. I’ve been using mine for two years now for school stuff. 🙂

Morgan Doll

Hi Carly! Just the other day I found an ADORABLE bag store in Cape May, New Jersey called Sea Bags. Each bag is made of recycled boat sails in Portland, Maine. They are super preppy and classic, I just know you could find one you love!


My first year at Uni, my mother bought me a gorgeous leather satchel, which 3 degrees, 4 universities, and two countries later I still default too if I need to be taken seriously. Admitting during my masters and my Ph.D. and to a certain extent my everyday wear, a backpack is more practical. But when I have meetings on our main campus, in the big smoke, or at other universities, my satchel gets pulled out. It goes with everything and I know I can fit my laptop in it if needed.


In comparison to other types of bags, the tote is very utilitarian and elegant. All of your choices are fantastic!