Preppy Graduation Gifts

I just realized that Sporty Sister is GRADUATING from high school–SO SCARY! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was gearing up for all the grad parties and events.

This post is all about gifts for girl graduates. They’re in ascending prices.

Stationery is a super easy gift. Personalized stationery is even better, but just packs of cards is easy for large numbers of grads. I love Boatman Geller ones! (about 12 dollars per pack)

Coffee Mugs are so perfect for college students! The recipient will think of you during every late night library session! The extra personalization adds to something special! (about 23 dollars)

Melly gave her friends monogrammed towels. Such a great idea! Vary colors, fonts, etc. Love it! (about 25 dollars)

Umbrellas are the one thing that many people forget to bring to school, but they’re completely needed!

These monogrammed personalized key fobs are great! And the price point is pretty good too! (Free shipping if you mention my blog! about 35 dollars)

Laptop sleeves are a college necessity. Check with parents first to make sure you get the right size! (about 35 dollars)

I love my Mac mighty mouse. This is a little bit of a bigger gift. (about 80 dollars)

Vineyard Vines college tote. Need I say more? (about 95 dollars)

This is a very, very, very big graduation gift. David Yurman bracelet. Every college girl has one (or wants one!). (about 400 dollars)


  1. Keep easy, cheap, and pre-wrapped gifts in the closet for any last minute parties. My mom had about ten Vera Bradley towels tucked away and I ended up giving them all out! If a friend dropped off a present, I could reciprocate even if I didn’t have them on my list!
  2. Talk to parents of the graduate to see what color her dorm room theme is.
  3. Avoid towel wraps. Everyone gives towel wraps!
  4. You don’t need to get everyone a present!

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Fabulous post! I may need to do a post like this with my favorite gift! You are totally right about the towel wraps (luckily I only got 2 though). I got 3 monogrammed cosmetic bags though. Have a great day!


Love the umbrella gift, tote gift and of course the bracelet idea!!! (you know I love bracelets). Of course as everyone has come into the "going green" lifestyle, there is always the old favorite of green…!!!