Preppy Laundry Bags

Even though I’m way out of college, I love using laundry bags to collect worn clothes. I like the look of more traditional laundry baskets, but bags are so much easier to bring down to the laundry room. (I’m so so so thankful that my building in NYC has it’s own laundry room.) There’s no need to transfer clothes from the basket to bring down to wash.
I got the cutest bag when I graduated high school (doesn’t it seem like that’s a go-to graduation present?) and I’ve seriously been using it ever since. The other day, I was lugging an especially heavy load downstairs and one of the straps just popped off! I guess that’s what happens after five years…
I’m personally on the hunt for another one and I’m guessing some of you might be too if you’re heading back to school in the fall!
Here are some of my favorite picks:
Design Darling Navy/White Links (Add yourself to the waitlist! She’s restocking this week!) // Heart Print Drawstring Bag
Which one is your favorite?

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I love that monogrammed one and the Heart Covered one. The Monogram one is especially genius because you can always tell which bag is yours if there's multiple people doing laundry like in college. I have a washer and dryer in the basement and I still use these type bags, I keep my laundry in a basket and then when I sort out a load to wash I use the bag and then just carry it down stairs so much easier than lugging a basket down.

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H. Thiers

The monogrammed french laundry bag is so adorable! I love the look of it! Also, I like the idea of the laundry bag instead of a basket; Much easier to carry!


Andria Alessio

I've been using the same Vera Bradley one for several years and it has a really sturdy handle as well as the material of the bag! Definitely recommend it

Kristin Thompson

My favorite is the ruffled pink one! My sister is leaving for college soon so I'll have to share this with her. I just started a new blog & would love if you could check it out please, Thank you!



the top left one looks adorable! i might have to get it for my freshmen year starting this year!


Jessie Springer

I got a laundry bag when I graduated from high school too! I haven't used one since college because I have a washer/dryer in my apartment, but I'd love to have a designated (yet probably more compact than those above) bag for my dry cleaning!